Talking with me in Arab they had perceived that I foreign age and even so have perceived that they to leave to leave did not want me made not to understand. I gave one of ignorant foreigner I entered in the car I pulled out and I capsized the esquina in the end of the street and caught the main avenue. After walking some blocks in this avenue, size was my scare when I came across with tanks of war hindering the ticket. Vocs can imagine which would have been the reaction of a Brazilian, is not accustomed to see tanks of wars in the streets, still more has 25 years behind. It occurred me that the Arab people had not had a pacific description as Brazilian we. It was inevitable to think that a war had blown up, and my legs had trembled.

To be in lands that are not its native land in conflict situation is not nothing comfortable and it caused me much unreliability. The soldiers of the tanks had asked for to me to stop the car and had made innumerable questions; for where he was going, what he made in Egypt, which my nationality? They had asked for mine documents, international wallet of driver, and the passport. After changing to some words between them in relation my answers after to some they had at last liberated me time with the exception that to direct would have me for my residence, collected that me. They imagine my state when I arrived at the house of my friend, it trembled equal green pole. Not wise person accurately the dimension of the gravity of what she was happening. The information were few, notice censured for the government. After placing my Brazilian friend along with the events, it caught clothes for it and the husband, and meetings we were for my house.