International Master

In 1999, she married a chess player from Georgia and moved to Israel. The younger daughter, Judith, was also a tough kid. At age 5 she took what do you think? It is true chess. Again, an amazing coincidence. At age 11 she won the title of International Master – before Harry Kasparov and Bobby Fischer. At age 13, she became world champion in chess in the category of up to 14 years, and the most powerful woman on the classification of FIDE, chess player. At the age of patnadtsati years, she received the title of Chess Grandmaster – before Bobby Fischer in two months! In 1993 at the age of seventeen, she won at the former world chess champion Boris Spassky. Five years later, she defeated Anatoly Karpov with a score of 5: 3 and became the first woman to win the open championship of America chess.

Judith – the only girl, part time ever in the top ten players by FIDE. Today, Judith – the strongest of the three sisters in chess. She wins over her rivals by a wide margin and hope to win the title of world champion. In 2000 Judith played with Kasparov over the Internet, and lost. Like the two other sisters, her rapid growth has been more gradual, after she married in 2000. Today the position of Judith can be found in internete.V world of sports, including chess, it turns out that a great success changing the human psyche, exposing its aggressiveness and causing many problems in communicating with the outside world. In the case of sisters, this time definitely present, but in a small way. Sisters in the simple life are pretty sociable women, which shows that we can educate the child of average very gifted, and even brilliant adult.