Principles Guides

Desarrollar and to catch ideas: using technical like mental maps, lateral thought, creative development, visualization, among others. Planificar the Project. You already know what you look for, now, what needs to be made to obtain it? Securing the Result. It checks the next steps that you need to complete to start up the process. Even perhaps, you have information about which needs to become a little advanced more. Agenda those tasks. It checks who can be in charge of each thing and delegates.

It checks what tasks are indispensable that you do. And a little while weekly agenda to review the project. In that occasion, the main thing will be to state the degree of advance of the activities and to agendar the new next actions that you need to complete. It defines Principles Guides, Why I am doing this? Within what limits or standards it must be carried out? Which are the fundamental values and beliefs within which the decisions are due to take? Organzate. It defines priorities, what things are critics within the project? And soon it defines sequences of events in what order they need to happen the things? How you can optimize the times? What things depend on others to begin? You can organize I sketch of the project in a mental map and to generate lists simple of tasks there. Asegrate to assign people in charge, to define a clear objective of the result of the task and a date to have completes it.

Soon sultalo. The system will let know to you when you need to do it. And she will be ready for the assigned date. You can despreocuparte of it. So that the previous thing is a reality, you only need to fulfill the steps basic of the system, respects the operative one and respects the terms, of this form, you will know when it will be the result.