Liker Lean Advisors: Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch Is Vice President Europe

KUDERNATSCH consulting & solutions consulting firm expands its cooperation with the lean guru Jeffrey K. Liker and its activities. The consulting firm KUDERNATSCH consulting & solutions, Strasslach, Munich, his cooperation with the U.S. lean expert Jeffrey K. Liker and its activities expanded. The owner Dr.

Daniela Kudernatsch is among others Vice President Europe of the liker lean Academy and the liker lean advisors since July 2013. “In this function is the strategy implementation consultant and author of the book of Hoshin Kanri: enterprise strategy implementation with lean management tools” responsible among other things for the European business of the two companies. Also, she is contact person for their European clients. The cooperation includes among other things the mutual support in the planning and designing of lean management and lean leadership projects in companies. In other words, Jeffrey K. Liker and Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch replace themselves based on their experience with more than 200 strategy implementation projects in What for example as a result of the Division as well as the culture and structure of the company is goal-oriented. In addition, KUDERNATSCH consulting & solutions and liker lean advisors in their strategy implementation work demand use the human resources of each others company.

This applies in particular to projects in transatlantic companies, involving a linking of the European and North American perspective is necessary. Also mutually coach the Kudernatsch and Lamont. In other words, they evaluate the progress of the projects managed by their companies together to make conclusions for further action and follow-up projects as a result. Also Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch and Jeffrey K. Liker support company together in building lean academies, to anchor the lean and Kaizen thoughts sustained in their organization. The two lean specialists develop together seminars and training for the managers and lean / CIP coaches of companies to give them the necessary know-how to the Topics introduction and anchoring a lean culture in organizations to convey. Also Jeffrey K. Liker will be in the future active leadership seminars KUDERNATSCH consulting & solutions as a consultant in the lean management and lean. Vice versa, Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch introduces the European perspective in seminars of the liker lean Academy in North America. Also oversees and coaches the German participants in the lean leadership-online course the Academy, for more information about the services of KUDERNATSCH consulting & solutions, as well as the cooperation with the lean expert Jeffrey K. Liker and his companies interested on the Web page