Arrived In The Family-owned Company

Archimedes bieltet more training and university places than ever before early August launched also in the real estate provider of Archimedes the trainees and students: Archimedes has expanded its educational offerings with three practice-integrated or dual courses and seven vocational training and thus a clear signal of the future for the company, its customers and the region. Still, the young people at the launch event look shy to the camera: eleven new trainees and students gathered on the 01.08.2013 to the welcome and introduction in the premises of the energy FORUM INNOVATION. Here were presented the new employees with each other as well as the company. In addition to the classic commercial vocational training you the technical areas such as electronics, Mechatronics are especially asked for cold or computer science. Also training in the service sector to the Executive Housekeeper or cook at Archimedes are still possible.

Forms with perspective, because the family business from Bad Oeynhausen “mostly for their own use: I finished my final exam with 89% and now I’m staying in my wish Department”, the clerk in the industry Deitz Brandhorst confirmed. The courses for the dual Bachelor of engineering, as well as for the practice-integrated courses, electrical engineering and industrial engineering, could be successfully filled. Still the cooperations with local universities such as the College are East Westphalia-Lippe, University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld / campus Minden and Gutersloh, or the University of Paderborn Central instruments to attract young professionals for the employer brand of Archimedes early. To the current training launch partners include University of applied sciences Ostfalia in Wolfenbuttel. Through this education partnerships, Archimedes can provide the specialists of tomorrow also further pathways such as master’s programs or promotions. The success of this approach is right: now the Group has grown to approximately 300 employees. Launched in early 2013 beyond the new education campaign in your training ‘, which is taken consistently positive response so far.

Marc Niemeyer, head of training management, is pleased about the new faces and potential in the enterprise: we are proud of the good response to our new education campaign and the underlying training courses and course at each and every one of the real challenges and provide support. Aims at a sound and good training for both sides.” The new trainees ‘ experience always a wide variety awaits at Archimedes: the disciplines of professional entry-level positions as well as the practical experience within the individual career paths are varied. This practical change previously all trainees were also already: the interdisciplinary training, early project responsibility of part of as well as integration into operational tasks always include the training concept to Archimedes. As well as dealing in the team, which the aspiring engineer Andrea Rempel “describes: the people here deal with each other already familiar and you can feel that even if one is newly arrived.” Photo (left to right): training manager Marc Niemeyer, Artur Kolesnik (dual Bachelor supply engineering), Tim Aldag (Praxisintegriertes studies electrical engineering), Stefan Friedel (Mechatronics education for refrigeration), Dennis Stephanblome (Praxisintegriertes study industrial engineering and management), Helena Stuker (student training), Christoph Steffen (internship programme renewable energies), Andrea Dominic Glodde Rempel (training industrial clerk), Daniel Neufeld (training specialist – system integration), Katharina Schmidt (training specialist – application development), (training electronics for building and infrastructure), SINA-Madeleine Pieper (IT system administrator O.a..)