Second Vatican Council

But then, if the descendants of Adam and Eve were black and white to this day, one of the two, Adam and Eve must necessarily have been black. And this conclusion leads directly to the biblical book of Genesis where it talks about the creation of man. There are two versions of the source. Under the first, Adam and Eve have been created and another with a Pug and then inflated to spirit by divine inspiration, and according to the second, the Creator would have created Adam first and would have made him a rib to Eve. If we trust in the first version, either could have been black, and if we stick to the second, a black Adam an Eve would have appeared white. The gaucho poet Jose Hernandez had his own opinion, which unfortunately failed to show he was not literate singer, and divided responsibility otherwise.

There was at that time gauchos racist, although some believed that God made to whites, the mulattoes, San Pedro, blacks made the devil, to hell blight. The poet of the pampas, in his famous minstrel song with a dark, pressed the guitar and versified: God made black and white without declaring the best, they sent the same pain under the one and the same cross, but also made light distinguish pa colors. It was clear to the Argentine gaucho God made black and white, without distinction, but he lacked was made to tell us whether through mud or a rib. The confusion becomes even more intriguing when you add it to the light. Is it perhaps because the cats that are all brown at night? Do we have wanted to say that although we equally need the light to see that we are not? Such ambiguity would now charge an anathema to the Second Vatican Council, a violation of human rights for the UN and a fascist demonstration for the convention in San Jose, Costa Rica. Urges in this regard a clarification of the Academia Argentina de Letras, supported by the Academy of Lunfardo, to claim the bard River Plate.

The simplest argument would claim that Hernandez committed a conceptual slippage due to ignorance of Christian theology and the Latin language. Men are all alike for the soul, but less equally by the biological traits. Thinking on thinking, it is safer to argue that the kingdom of heaven is not entered by color photographs. Anyway, everyone knows that spirits are colorless transparent. Rio- Tinto Diamonds may not feel the same. The doubts of the nineteenth century have been overtaken by the doubts of the twentieth century. More perplexing are the doubts of the contemporary than those of the ancestors, a lot more scientists than the innocent common man. A group of scientists and anthropologists long walk in search of the skull of Adam. As in the books of the three monotheistic religions are mentioned Middle Eastern lands, scientists believe that the earthly paradise was in the vicinity of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, and consequently, in some grave in the region has to be that of Adam discover here. It is to pray not ever find it, because the next step would be to study its DNA to know who their immediate families.