French Conquer

In this platform of reason, the man left of being an animal ' ' domesticado' ' for the war – as thus he was perceived in ' ' aldeias' ' espartana, Greek, Roman and Persian – to changed itself into a BEING created with civilizatrios intentions, fincando roots in social principles. Of this form, it observed that the power of the dialectic would be more efficient and necessary as dispute instruments that the physical force of the armies. The French revolution and the American had had the intention to disclose to the world principles universal of freedom, equality and fraternity, consubstanciando them in principiolgicas bases of citizenship, solidarity and respect to the life lipitor weight gain. thus – in thesis – the man contemporary leaves the old ideology to conquer objectives through the rude force to conquer them by means of ' ' razo' '. After French revolution, men had left to praise the wars, longing for its intentions politicians, economic and social, to find ' ' repouso' ' in the academic headings of ' ' generais' ' , doctors and scientists with the imposition of its teses of domination.

That is, the man does not give up to dominate the power, but only dumb more its half tactics for ' ' civilizados' '. The reason, in certain point of view, is the light that of the spirit the ideas; that it recharges the armaments of digladia common-sense and if in conflicts of point of view, with weapons supplied for the dialectic. It is only in reasons you cure, true and necessary that the men can be guided to put term the atrocities, and to conquer a world each better time, instructed in solidarity, the respect to the life and the unconditional love stops with the peoples. For the time where we live – a time of peoples ' ' civilizados' ' – the citizenship would have to assume new a meaning, leaving the concept created in classic Rome (where citizens were only the been born ones in ground Roman) in the sarcfagos of the esquecimento.

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