Suitable Materials

To obtain perfect finishing for the bows of hair of the children demands the correct election of the materials with which we are going to work: – Type of tape or ribbon: it must sufficiently be flexible like being able to work it and to sew it by hand but, simultaneously, with the body and the consistency necessary to obtain an effect " redondo" in the loop and that we do not have left a fallen bow and without grace. The most used they are: Otomn or grosgrain: perhaps it is the suitable weave more because he is simultaneously firm and ductile. Suitable for winter and summer and in any occasion. Smooth or solid the colors, more classic and elegant, are appropriate to combine with more formal clothes. The tape with printed reasons for different fantasies, original and informal (hearts, stars, spots, rays, drawings ), is ideal to combine with articles of the day to day and school.

Flat: traditionally used enough, nevertheless, we thought that the final effect of the loop is straighter and, perhaps, it is an excessively shining weave to shine it with certain clothes. Advisable at any time of the year. Traditional floral printings also exist very interesting. Velvet:a weave by far body and packing.Perfect to realise complements for the hair of more the majors and their mothers. The one of double slide allows very attractive loops.

Of his appearance and thickness more it is recommended for the winter.Usually it accompanies more formal attires, even of ceremony. Organza: it is a weave very delicate and showy, although difficult to work.Very appropriate for the summer and also to coordinate itself with ceremony dresses. It agrees to use alive colors because it is a very fine weave and seem clearer. – Colors of the tape:It is question of tastes, although these are our recommendations: in babies: traditionally they come using smooth colors:target, ivory, rose light, blue sky because they are those that favor the complexion of the baby more. darker colors in accessories can eclipse and not always they are fashionable, although it seems that lately many mothers dare with them.What yes we advised they are tapes of solid colors without fantasy or with very discreet fantasies not to be a bow very recharged. in children: they admit absolutely all the colors and weaves. In case the dress takes drawings agree that the tape is smooth, to game with some of the colors of the printing. In case of dressing articles without drawings, they are possible to be coordinated perfectly with any fantasy in the tape of the bow. It is always tried to improve the final image, not to recharge it, reason why always " less he is ms". – Bracket or coletero: For babies and children with little hair the bracket is better type ranita.They are perfect with hole to be able to by hand sew the bow with the bracket, that will give a consistency to our accessory that we did not find with the glue and, in addition, the bracket will weigh less than with glue and it will stay more easily in the site wished. The children with more volume of hair can use both options.They exist, in addition, in the market coleteros without metal, ideals for children with allergy.? The bows sewn to the coletero are safer than beaten and improve finished and the durability of our complement. Another day we will speak of the types of loops. Thanks to read to us. Original author and source of the article.