This time I’m going to talk about the importance of taking risks in life, I will focus more on the economic front; job or business, depending on our situation, because it is an issue that everyone is interested in at this stage of our lives. Many are concerned both by not making mistakes that end up not taking any risk. To start CTEs briefly what is take a risk, take a risk is in a sense, out of our bubble of security, where we have everything under control, without knowing what will be the exact consequences of our Act. However, between more risks we took, and commit more errors, our bubble of security becomes more bigger because we acquire greater control over things, more experience in certain situations, more idea of the consequences that we offer, and our ability to resolve problems becomes much more effective. Therefore, the larger is this, we will have more success in life. I will give a simple example; one knows that you should not play with fire because once you It has blown. We can also increase our bubble and therefore prevent the risk, with information and knowledge. In a more complex example and landing the economy; you know you should not put your money in a bank that gives you a rate of interest lower than inflation, because you’ve read on the internet, in books, or said it was someone else.

Planning allows us to unite the experience and information to reduce the risk, measuring the potential consequences. Because we are not going to throw us an airplane without parachute, nor will be, as the saying, to war without gun. We must take a chance but you also have to be smart. If you don’t want to take risks in life, you’ve already decided that you do not want to grow, Shirley Hufstedler. An innovative company, that creates new projects and leads them to the action regardless of the risk, will be more successful than a company that lives of routine and safety. A clear example is Facebook; a company that has grown enormously in recent years and which began as a student project within Harvard University. The same goes for a person that lives in fear of investing in the MLM business, if you don’t risk, never will improve your financial situation. I say to those people; provided that decision a more informed that possible, risk, finally and after, have little to lose and much to gain.

Do not you take a chance because it gives you fear failure? You do not regret of your mistakes, learn from them had Bill Gates already mentioned in one of my previous articles that a person fails in one or more business before you succeed. It is not a rule, obviously there are exceptions, however, this teaches us how errors no avoiding them, you have to commit them and learn from them. The wise man is wise because it has learned from the experiences of life, and many of them were at the expense of the failure. In conclusion, I want to leave them a phrase that I like a lot and says the character, Rocky Balboa, in one of his movies: No matter how strong you can beat, the important thing is that despite how strong that you can hit, you can get up and go ahead. That’s what winners do! Rocky Balboa.