September, 2013 Archive

Fertile Valley

Ricardo Jose Baptist Walnut (Doctor in Geography, professor of the Department of Geografia/UFAM), nogueiraricardo@ Michelli Saints Da Silva (Academic of 6 period of the course of Geografia/UFAM) michellis22@ Amlia Regina Baptist Walnut (Doctor in Geography, coordinator of the Group of Research Ambiente and Cultura/UFAM) nogueiraricardo@ esumo the Forest during much time has […]

Pay Debts

Bodies if join, however the Being that comes to the light, are not what if it wants, but what God wants, therefore between innumerable spermatozoa alone some are fecundados. Nor all obtain to win the challenges to form a distinct body. Everything what God makes is Perfect, even though to hinder for an ignorance mist […]

Ambient Education

It has of if thinking that it is impossible to preserve the nature by means of the advance of a technology and the globalization, factors these that support the consumption desaserbado which the society is stimulated, either for the advance of industrialization, the influence of the communication vehicles or for the necessity of subsistence of […]