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I learned it to this of Brian Tracy, consultant of more than 1000 companies, famous author of a book endless number and international speaker that has helped to million people around the world. Recently I attended one of its classes and bought its last Focal book Point Verified System To simplify your Life, To duplicate […]

Rural Houses And Activities

Our rural houses Villa de Ayora is ideal for meetings, goodbyes as a single person, escaped of rural pairs, houses for marriages with children, rural houses for groups, new construction 2004, with all the comforts that demand the visitors today. Activities and excursions: the cave paintings in the shelters of Tortosillas, the Deaf person, Montes […]

Brigham Young

It has been, for some, most important of the fifteen presidents whom his has had Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the Last Days after its two great founders: Joseph Smith (1805-1844) and Brigham Young (1801-1877). Mormones is different from the rest of religions in which this one was born in the USA […]

Yearning For To Get To Be Like Jesus

" sincere yearning and oracin" of many fervent Christians he is " to arrive at ser" like Jesus. That is to say, that this type of people accepts the life of Jesus as an example to be imitated or they accept to Jesus like a model to be emulated. Nevertheless, the apostle Pablo clarifies that […]

Suitable Materials

To obtain perfect finishing for the bows of hair of the children demands the correct election of the materials with which we are going to work: – Type of tape or ribbon: it must sufficiently be flexible like being able to work it and to sew it by hand but, simultaneously, with the body and […]

Station Victory

Also it is necessary to verify the situation of the hotel, since some announce as centric although once it is verified there that they are very remote of downtown. As far as the number of stars normally they exist multitude of supplies of hotels that with two or three stars are to offer better services […]

Principles Guides

Desarrollar and to catch ideas: using technical like mental maps, lateral thought, creative development, visualization, among others. Planificar the Project. You already know what you look for, now, what needs to be made to obtain it? Securing the Result. It checks the next steps that you need to complete to start up the process. Even […]


AS IT AFFECTS the CONSUMPTION IN the AMBIENT Consumption: it is a term that is used to describe the effects to generally equal the personal happiness to the purchase of goods and services or the consumption. The case is exemplified by the phrase: The more consumption, the more happy I am. Also one talks about […]