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The Professors

During the week of the formation the group reacted with more commitment, a time that did not have very enters and left, had more participation in the room, demonstration of interest, however time or another one heard commentaries: ' ' I need subsidies for mine I practise in the base, I wait that here he […]

Philosophy: Scrates, Plato And Aristotle

Scrates Scrates practised the philosophy as being a divine mission trusted by the Apolo god: it knows you it exactly you; believed that only it could carry through it if it took the rule to all the men. Scrates understood the philosophy as the search for the truth, treading the way of the wisdom between […]

Philosophy Today

This question was not taken off of workmanship some of Martin Heidegger and its famous and intriguing and extremely pertinent books, but it is a practical question for, or the best one, for the relevance of the philosophy in days and lives as ours. We have a world where two words gain force extreme and […]