March, 2014 Archive

The Spirit

Second it is the life with the men, where the relation takes language form, or world the affectivity, also EROS call. Finally the life with the spirit, where the relation, even so without language, generates language, or the world of the validity, or LOGOS. When the perfect meeting if carries through, these three spheres if […]

Continental United

American Airlines as well as major airlines have begun to get their balance sheets in order, they are preparing for the impact of the rise of the oil prices. We are facing another crisis of fuel, and the crisis is not too strong word, said the CEO of American Airlines, Gerard Arpey, speaking at a […]

The President

Very important that points out the Publisher of the editorial of Emilio Figueredo, that if in Venezuela not the decision call harmony, dialogue, tolerance, is will be sowing winds that will very soon become storms that will make that our country becomes unliveable by unstoppable global insecurity and violence without contention. Here all we […]

Sousa Saints

But we also saw that the unexpected one becomes possible and if it carries through; we saw frequently that the improbable one if carries through what the probable one more than; let us know, then, to wait the unexpected one and to work for the improbable one. This must be the great tonic of the […]

Biological Sciences

The ambient education must have how goal the development of abilities necessary human beings for the resolution of problems and use of adjusted strategies, in which the society can acquire knowledge that come to contribute in the process of improvement of the relation man? nature, leading in account the personal experiences and the activities developed […]

Philosophy Today

This question was not taken off of workmanship some of Martin Heidegger and its famous and intriguing and extremely pertinent books, but it is a practical question for, or the best one, for the relevance of the philosophy in days and lives as ours. We have a world where two words gain force extreme and […]

Finances Administration

The protested headings, that of January the April of 2009 had had a 1,9% representation, below of gotten 2.3% in the same accumulated close ranking of the previous year. The average value of the debts with credit cards and financiers fell 13.5% for R$ 374.91 in the four first months of 2009, before the same […]