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Summer, sea, beach, sand …. going to the sea, pool, lake or estuary, we wonder what to bring with you to eat? Many skazhut'A I'm not taking anything in, you can buy everything on the beach. " This is certainly true that in our You can buy all the time, and the beaches are teeming […]

Love Wins

When I had one six years I started to perceive that my father fought very with my mother and until he beat. Many nights, the times, high hours of the dawn, woke up scared with the quarrels of them going until the verbal aggressions and physical, finishing I cry with it high of my mother […]


MAN ………. where is the love? The love of parents for children and children for the parents, and wife for the husband, man for the man, child for child, what it is made of the true love in the homes, the families, in the schools, in sociedade.onde is the values of the Good? What we […]

International Master

In 1999, she married a chess player from Georgia and moved to Israel. The younger daughter, Judith, was also a tough kid. At age 5 she took what do you think? It is true chess. Again, an amazing coincidence. At age 11 she won the title of International Master – before Harry Kasparov and Bobby […]