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Strategical Planning

She is necessary also to rethink the Mission, Vision and Values of the company, to line up and to realign the strategies and to trace the objectives that the organization longs for to reach. To this set of strategically planned actions, us we call Planning Strategical. The Strategical Planning consists of the development and the […]

Accomodated Ones

One of the great problems of the majority of the people is always to be made comfortable when they find a more complicated situation for the front who do not want to strengthen themselves to give to a step the front more. People of this type are people who the more sleep more want, always […]

Trade Marketing

Trade Marketing To start this article we go to comment and to try to illustrate the main lines of direction of trade marketing, as well as its definition and utility. Trade marketing still is a new tool of marketing in Brazil, and its popularity has more than two decades little. It is possible, that this […]