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The Esplendor Human

The Reality Human being In the majority of the studies, mainly in the works of the researchers that had appeared in the last century, the man is analyzed as a species of animal, but intelligent. In such a way, instead of approaching the man of its legitimate and true necessities, they can move away it. […]

Khi Kong

Therefore, this trend is a function of consciousness and using special methods of anger management is a special branch Science. With its help in the process of life are carried out self-observation and self-control that promotes health and longevity. Background Theory and Practice of khi-kong is part of the ancient cultural heritage of Vietnam. For […]


The number of messages has increased in the same way as the quantity of products available. Consumers have developed barriers to defend against this situation. As a result, it is very difficult to capture the attention of consumers and to remember our offer. To overcome this show Kotler and Trias de Bes, in his book […]