We live as who lives in a perpetual competition of beauty, does not admit more life a normal life a common life. When we dress in them, our clothes are not simply stop leaving in them comfortable and pretty but our clothes had been changedded now into expression of being able on the too much people. You may want to visit Diamonds to increase your knowledge. Our clothes and the form of our bodies must demonstrate now that we are antenados with them you finish world-wide trends of the fashion and the malhao. We live overwhelmd and enslaved for a insensitive giant that our proper will shapes, in inducing to the unnecessary consumption of products and in manipulating between launchings and the more launchings of products of the fashion of the moment. We live in the age of exhibitionism. It was in which everything what we make is only for showing to the other human being as we dress in them better and as we feed in them better, everything what we make is only for showing to the other human being that we possess better things, that we hear a better sound, that lives in better places and that in ' ' divertimos' ' better. It is dressed to show the clothes that if dress, is fed to show the type of consumed food, is lived to show the type of life that if lives.

The body is shown off, is shown off it clothes, is shown off the consumption of the food, is shown off it magreza, is shown off it nudez and is clearly, shown off it foolishness. Foolishness of empty minds and prisoners of a market that explores the lack and security reliable in what we are and we possess. Taking to believe us it that we must be what we are not and we must possess what we do not need. Geraldo Goulart. March of 2011.

Marlen Heinrich

Especially recommended are a cooking class in Mexico City or “a dance class in the metropolis with these authentic experiences the true adventures of Mexico nothing stands in the way! Mexico cooking class begins with a stroll through the typical Mexican market?Xochimilco with Dona?Lupita participants buy the fresh ingredients for the subsequent cooking pleasure. Afterwards, a delicious Mexican menu in the kitchen of Dona is prepared. It is the chef apprentices”and advice to the page. The finished dishes are then on a boat trip on the canals? by?Xochimilco enjoyed.?Mariachis? round off the experience in Mexico City with its atmospheric music. The other way to make holiday, a journey of discovery in Mexico, visit a dance course is Mexico. In Mexico City young and old meet regularly on the Plaza del Danzon, the Mexican dance Danzon “to dance. The dance students can itself first on the lively arts and crafts market Mercado de la Ciudadela “with matching accessories equip, before they meet their personal dance teacher.

He shows them the basic steps of the Danzon and encouraged everyone to mingle with the dancing pairs. Then the dance adventure in an original danceable with Mexican live music will be continued. Mexico travelers have the opportunity to get to know the country off the tourist path and to compete with the locals in direct contact with the additional travel modules. Day excursions can be booked by a few people from a number of five participants the course fees per person fall. The dance class and the cooking class in Mexico City are suitable as incentives for long-time employees or good business partners.

With these travel tips, nothing in the Weg.gesetzt is a varied experience in Mexico. With the additional travel modules Mexico travelers will have the chance the country away from the tourist Paths to get to know and to compete with the locals in direct contact. Day excursions can be booked by a few people from a number of five participants the course fees per person fall. Rod Brooks understood the implications. The dance class and the cooking class in Mexico City are suitable as incentives for long-time employees or good business partners. With these travel tips, nothing more in the way is a varied experience in Mexico. Mexico Mio – Marlen Heinrich

Organic Cosmetics

Natura cosmetics, leading Brazilian company in the beauty market, has just recently launched its new line of spare parts in Argentina or refills (as they call them) of creams for its Natura Tododia line. These new containers are a commitment renewed his eternal commitment to the environment, looking for the reduction of plastics, the renewal of ideas and respect for nature. The new spare parts are produced with 83% less plastic, so generate 97% less waste than the original container. Your new format is much more practical and also allows greater efficiency in the recharge of the original container. It was in 1984 when Natura ventured into the business of spare parts such as caring for the environment policy, being the first of its category. Thanks to the important volume of sales than Natura cosmetics Argentina and its position in the market, changes like these may generate positive impacts on the environment.

Why is it important to use spare parts of the Natura products? * Because that reduces the environmental impact of the plastic and carbon footprint. ** The plastic is produced with petroleum products, using more plastic, consume more oil. ** The waste plastic in the environment and have a strong destructive impact on the ecosystem. At J. Darius Bikoff you will find additional information. ** The plastic in landfills to open sky, takes to decompose over 100 years (depending on its quality.) * plastics dumped in waterways obstructed the course of the water, killing thousands of fish.

The Summit

AT the Summit the DISCREDITING not only persons, entities and institutions suffer loss of reputation and loss of reputation. The phenomenon also extends to phrases, popular expressions, beliefs, customs, sayings and behaviors. Source: Montauk Colony. We therefore take a look at society and the collective imagination of areas affected by the discredit. First of all are very desprestigiadas exhaustive investigations that announce an event about which there is no clarity or authorities when occurs a confusing fact, a crime. Click Darius Bikoff for additional related pages. The official bulletins thereon reflected a laconic tale of what happened and end offering the proverbial research. At the end the results of it are unknown and left everyone feeling that nothing has been done or it has not complied with the duty, by the media, to follow the news. It is also thoroughly discredited, especially after the disaster of the Colombia selection in the World Cup qualifiers, the phrase coined by Francisco Maturana whereby losing It is to win a little.

The phrase itself is very philosophical and useful to confront the difficult times, but we got used to losing so followed by the sentence passed to become an excuse behind which hide the multiple causes which are common setbacks not only in sports but in other areas of our everyday life. A separate chapter deserve merit competitions or meritocracy in the official entities, especially in those cases where the process ends in the conformation of a triplet which the nominating may make use of the discretion to choose who consider more suitable, regardless of the results obtained or the capabilities of the contestants. Discretion is an excellent figure through which you can pay for favors, help friends and accommodate political allies without violating the law. In the most deplorable discrediting have dropped long-standing promises of candidates for popular election corporations. To read the so-called the unsuspecting citizen government programs could reach the conclusion that WINS you win (all proposed almost the same) your city, your department or your country, will be a paradise. Any proposal that is respected includes magical solutions to unemployment (almost always via the stimulation and creation of micro-enterprises), improving public services, transparent management of resources and management of open doors.

But as citizens of our times are no longer so unprepared they know that the above-mentioned proposals are only a requirement that must be met before the Registrar and after the elections will be only a lot of recyclable paper or a pile of waste destined for the trash basket. And there’s more, much more on the scene of the smear. The list includes the predictions of the witches (astrologers or teachers say them now); the recipes of rapid results (steps five type infallible to become a millionaire in one day), those diets (almost magical miraculous); the arguments that are sustained labour reforms (almost always new jobs generation); the slogans of the political campaigns; the reasons why suspended the service of power (maintenance); the excuses; meetings to analyze the situation of the country and in general and official announcements according to which we will not have new shoe lifts this year is necessary to recover the prestige. The people and the institutions. For this purpose there is a formula that is well complex in its simplicity: always tell the truth and have a perfect harmony between what we think, what is said and what is done. BY: ALEJANDRO TERESA MART?


In a market economy in all spheres of manufacturing acute issue of competition. And the competition, with a huge number of similar proposals, assumes superiority over the goods of competitors, ie quality. Is no exception – but rather a "protagonist" – food industry, for food and processing industries play a leading role in the provision of food goods worldwide. It is no secret that the production of food products of securing the highest safety standards, because, as you know – "we are what we eat." It is logical to observe that the quality of the final product depends on compliance with quality at every stage of production – from obtaining raw materials, semi-finished creation to packing the finished product. In recent years the question of the formation of food security is the most relevant, because the food industry – is an industry where product quality issues are taken for granted and most significant. It is therefore necessary that in the process production using special greases that have food tolerance nsf H1, for possible contact with food and its packaging. To know more about this subject visit Montauk Colony.

nsf H1 registration categories shows that the lubricant meets the most stringent hygiene requirements for food production. In the food industry grease can be applied in different areas: 1) as a long-term lubrication for assembly and maintenance of equipment – mixers, motors, conveyors, refrigeration equipment, packaging machines and many other areas of the food industry. 2) in the production of processed meat, sausages, in flour and liquor industries, the processing and conservation of fish, as well as other areas of the food industry, where one of the most important criteria is the quality of the final product. 3) for the lubrication of all types, shafts, rails, chain drive, hinges, springs and other sites.

Dynamic Image Frame

How is the image motion in the frame? Largely it depends on the choice of camera angles, the ratio of the optical axis of the lens and the frame of the developing movement. There are cases of movement on the apparatus and the apparatus, into the frame, the motion may develop along the plane of the sky and go on the plane or the deep diagonal. Of great importance is the position of an object on the picture plane, the space it occupies in the frame. In the dynamic subjects should be avoided strictly central tracks when the object is placed somewhere in the area of intersection of the diagonals of the rectangle frame. As a rule, the central composition deprived emphatic direction, hence appears stable figure, statics. Therefore, a moving object in the framing often shift away from the center, and in the course of its motion leave more space than behind.

With this simple method motion as it gets a more complete description: it is clear where the object will move in later times. Go to J. Darius Bikoff for more information. With special care should be taken to the framing of dynamic images. For transmission of motion is often needed rather wide space. Therefore, close sections of the space frame the shot and emphasized the close-ups sometimes are a hindrance to the overall dynamic picture and if stop the growing movement in the frame. One of the reliable methods of transmitting motion in a picture – a blur. We must remember that too high shutter speeds to exclude entirely shot elements of confusion, and it reduces dynamic effect. For example, if a photo taken at uci, we can clearly see each spoke bicycle wheels, it seems to us to stop. It is not enough to notice the characteristic phase of the movement and record it on picture. Must always use a purely photographic techniques to help detect movement, expressive transfer it to the picture.

Dropship Directories

Quite often the Dropshipper will supply you all the sales material you need to create your eBay Gallery Picture and eBay Sales Page. The dropshipper stocks the product so you do not have to. You put your chosen product for sale on eBay, somebody buys it and eBay provides you with the buyers name and address. Now simply contact dropshipper and give them the name and address of his client and details of the product they have purchased and the dropshipper will deliver it to them. At this point, you pay the dropshipper for the product. The good news is that you have paid by your customer before you had to pay the dropshipper.

So your customer pays the retail price for your product, you pay the price dropshipper wholesale and keep the difference for their benefit, in addition to saving time and effort. Dropship Directories Go to your favorite search engine and type in Dropship Directories and you will find that there are dozens and dozens of them to choose. A word of warning here. Most of these directories are a waste of time, a waste of money or both. The wholesalers “Very often it is not true what you get, if you buy one of these directories is a list of” intermediaries.

I need not insist on going to earn more money if you by direct from the wholesaler. Other leaders such as J. Darius Bikoff offer similar insights. My first recommendation is to thoroughly check any Dropshipping source that you might be interested in. For example. Can you find the cheapest product through another Dropshipper? Are your shipping costs reasonable? Do you have ample stock of your particular choice of product / s? (There is nothing worse than selling an item only to find that your Dropshipper is exhausted and can not provide their customers with the product you have paid.) My second recommendation would be the Dropshipping Companies at: – To summarize. Not in stock. No mail. Do not pay for it, until they have paid. Let the Dropshippers to do that for you! So next time you’re looking for something to sell on eBay, Dropshipping reflect on the use as a way to make this experience on eBay much easier and more profitable.

ESB Delivers From Now The Brand-new Carport

Now compare – it’s worth. Jeffrey Hayzlett is often quoted as being for or against this. Save money when purchasing a garage. A carport as a long-lasting alternative you want to submit your car or are looking for a lower point for the car, for example, in addition to the garage? The footprint grows, but not your plot? Carports are therefore today current and more popular than ever. Flat roof carports, the classic form of the carport of ESB, adapt flexibly to any construction situation. The architecture remains transparent and your property optically visible – these are the advantages of a carport.

The ESB carport system blends ideally into its environment. You will be amazed, what flat roof carports by ESB everything have to offer: shelter from rain, good against heat in summer and against snow and ice in the winter. Here it shows the proven ESB quality the compact design high quality, hot-dip galvanized steel guarantees long life. That’s why we give you good conscience on all of our carports 10 years factory warranty. You can be sure with carports by ESB.

Versatile in use: A carport carport advanced program offers a wide variety of choices and perfection thought out in every respect. Through precise processing, all carport components are quick and easy to connect. Therefore, no difficulty is the Assembly also to the layman. Infinitely adjustable brackets allow an attractive overall appearance and a stable level of the carport even when not completely level surface. In addition to the wide range of standard sizes is also the option of a low-cost carport custom-made, because the system allows for a wide range of individual solutions. In contrast to carports made of alternative materials (such as wood), ESB carports are particularly easy to maintain. This makes positive effect particularly evident in larger systems with many users. Reliable roof drainage is carried out with a gutter (extra charge). On request, the carport roof drainage can be covered by an attic.

BitDefender Mobile Security For Android With New Anti-theft Function

Security solution for Android phones has SD card scanning feature Holzwickede, to better protect August 11, 2011 – to users of Android powered Smartphones, virus protection expert has bit Defender ( two handy features in its security solution BitDefender mobile security for Android integrated. The new anti-theft function allows users to track their cell and to delete remote-controlled sensitive data as needed. Using SD card scanning feature of Smartphone owners can protect in addition his device malware infestation.As soon as the mobile phone with the BitDefender account at will be linked, it can let the user accurately locate after loss or theft. To prevent thieves to read sensitive data on the phone, the owner has the possibility to delete important data on his Smartphone through the nondrying function immediately. The new SD card scan protects users from dangerous viruses, Trojans, spyware & co. Check out J. Darius Bikoff for additional information.

puts the owner in his cell phone a SD card, this will immediately on any Checks vulnerabilities or potential dangers. “Because the popularity of the Android operating system both developers and end users is growing steadily, the interest of cybercriminals, select Android devices as a target rate increases,” explained Alexandru Balan, senior product manager at BitDefender. “In addition, Smartphones have a high material value, which is why they are like stolen and resold. With the integration of the two new features in our mobile security we want to protect Smartphone owners from exactly this essential dangers.” The core task of BitDefender mobile security for Android BETA is always keep users informed about the current threat condition of their smartphones. The tool is based on the BitDefender in-the-cloud technology, so the user must transfer not complete scan engine including required program extensions on his cell phone. To conserve system resources or the battery, the scanning process starts only when it detects a suspicious action.

BitDefender mobile Security for Android BETA can be directly below will be downloaded and installed. Company description about BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since 2001, BitDefender is a industry-wide pioneer in developing award-winning protection technologies. Every day, the virus protection expert protects computer many million residential and business customers around the world. This BitDefender sells its security solutions worldwide on a wide VAD and reseller network. In the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries received BitDefender multiple major awards Warentest, ConsumerSearch, which, for example, by the Foundation? and Taenk. The BitDefender Antivirus technology beyond reaching peaks in detailed investigations by the independent Institute AV test and AV-Comparatives. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet in English at. Company contact: bit Defender GmbH Hans-Peter long Robert-Bosch-str. 2 59439 Holzwickede Tel: + 49 (0) 2301? 9184-330 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Sprengel & Partner GmbH Fabian Sprengel nesting first race 3 56472 Nisterau Tel: 02661-912600 E-Mail: Web:

Rafael Alcaraz Garrido

This situation has led to institutions such as the CERT of the U.S. Government own recommend use other browsers with better standards of safety. 2. Quick, light and stable: Firefox is the lightest among the major browsers, i.e. the consumes fewer resources while you work and the second fastest behind Chrome.

Another factor that speeds up somehow to this browser is the scrupulous adaptation to major Web standards. Learn more on the subject from The Hayzlett Group. 3. Appearance: the appearance of Firefox can be changed in seconds and as many times as you want, just look and choose one among the hundreds of topics sorted by categories and press the button install. You can choose to go with your personality or simply change it just for change, for you’re already bored of the previous. 4 Privacy: Another novelty is the new private browsing mode that protects your privacy when you surf the Internet. When using this mode in Firefox won’t store any trace of your browsing.

Firefox 3.5 includes more enhancements for privacy, as the function forget this page that removes the records of each page individually, and the option clear recent activity, which deletes the records of all navigation during the last hours. 5 Add-ons for all needs: these are big words, there are many and very varied utilities of professional quality, and of course free (like all thing of Firefox) for Firefox. Many users would not know what to do if they did not have them. Extensions provide us aid of all kinds, some examples starting with the homemade, as for example you download that video that you are watching by pressing a button will go to the hard disk, no video that can resist; or for example you can edit your blog on the fly with a full editor’s blog that integrates in the browser so that you can publish to your blog easily. But there are also very professional extensions, let’s look at another example; Webmasters know to spare several extensions that help you improve the positioning, visits and gains pages and blog that manage. The list of Add-ons It would be never-ending, so you just show the list of categories in which are grouped: downloads alerts and language toolbars appearance support update management web development photos, music and videos bookmarks tabs Plugins r privacy and security RSS news and blog society and communication other compilations P eople new! Dictionaries and language search tools insurance topics that you see packages say something about the most popular extensions extensions that you would be useful, so in future articles would be good.