What connects dogs and babies? Miscota – opening of the 2nd of online shops! The E-commerce company based near Barcelona, Spain, Miscota has created an expansion strategy to strengthen its presence in the European online retail market. After the successful launch of the first online stores Miscota, Miscota E-Commerce S.L.. now opened a second shop: Beibito. You may find that Darius Bikoff can contribute to your knowledge. This shop offers everything for the baby and enlarged so the portfolio of the company and the product range, which already has a very wide range with 30,000 products. The company’s focus remains on Europe, because as the existing business contacts which were established within the last 17 months, can be strengthened. “New customers are recruited with the opening of a new product line and brand Miscota” is further gaininig significance. The online shop Beibito was opened in the following countries: Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, UK, Portugal, Netherlands and Belgium. Some were also Changes in the areas of logistics and marketing.

This will increase sales and prepare the market entry in other countrie. In addition a large number of customers in different segments benefited from the advantages of Miscota: high quality products at low prices, quick and easy home delivered. The new store offers 2,500 products at the moment. The product selection on 100,000 is magnified by the end of the year. Well-known brands like Chicco, McLaren and Romans are just a few of many brands offered by Beibito. We know that is still a long way ahead of us, so we want to make our service even faster and more efficiently.

Our model is the classic example of American Quidsi. It started with Diapers.com and are now the largest baby equipment online shop. After we have now opened up Beibito, we are continuously expanding our portfolio and soon start planning for a second headquarters. With this strategy across Europe is open us.” Albert Costa, CEO Miscota. Contact: Geraldine button marketing and sales Misota E-Commerce S.L. Carrer Pascual Madoz. 12, 08301 Mataro Spain phone: 0 3222 1091 824


I learned it to this of Brian Tracy, consultant of more than 1000 companies, famous author of a book endless number and international speaker that has helped to million people around the world. Recently I attended one of its classes and bought its last Focal book Point Verified System To simplify your Life, To duplicate your Productivity and To obtain All Goals. Here I summarize the four forms that Brian Tracy recommends to improve the quality of your life and your work, next to the things that I am letting successfully to grow in my business and my personal area: 1. For even more analysis, hear from J. Darius Bikoff. To do more of Certain Things Brian Tracy teaches that if you want to duplicate the value to you than you offer or to duplicate your income, you will have enfocarte in the 3 more important things that they give to money or value you in your business. watches my example I know that I make more money when I write and I give classes. Nevertheless, my time was turned aside publishing the bulletin, hanging my articles and distributing them in other pages Web.

Also it made small things that robbed hours like verifying the statistics to me of my page Web and my bulletin and reading emails to answer them later. What I did, to be able to focus to me in producing activities of income, is to delegate in my attending nonproducing activities of income. Now, with the aid of my assistants, I have more free time to create more products and to write more. And of step I finish my work in less time and have more free days. 4 days free altogether! 2. To make Less than Certain Things Like had commented, made things to you that did not help me in my business and, in this part, which you will do is to reduce or to eliminate activities or behaviors that are not of aid and which at the moment they can be obstacles towards the things that you want.

Project Pedagogical Politician

It has a correlation of forces and it is in this shock that if the conflicts originate propitiating the construction of new forms of work, with open spaces to the collective reflection that they favor the dialogue, the horizontal communication enter the different involved segments with the educative process, the decentralization of being able. 7) The evaluation? to follow the activities and evaluates takes them them it the reflection, on the basis of given concrete on as the school is organized to place in action its Project Pedagogical Politician. The evaluation can be understood as a critical one of action passage, either short it, either drawn out. It searchs to explain the causes of the existence of problems, as well as its relations, its changes and if strengthens to consider alternative actions (collective creation). According to Jeffrey Hayzlett, who has experience with these questions. While the planning dimensiona what it is gone to construct, the evaluation subsidizes this construction, because it bases new decisions. Others who may share this opinion include Darius Bikoff. Auto-to evaluate, is an important attitude for the external school, considering pedagogical and administrative its all and its relations.

This coats with a vital responsibility for its accomplishment as part key for a democratic and participativa management of the pertaining to school management of rational and efficient form whose criteria are the results, the power to produce the effect waited (Fertile valley, 2002; Benini, 2005). To construct to the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school is basic, however some does not manage adequately does not take it the place. Fatally, the school will not reach its objectives of excellent form, with the quality that of it its pupils, parents, community and society of general form wait (Benini, 2005). 3. CONCLUSION the construction of a society more worthy joust and depends on the reinforcement of the public school. For in such a way, she is necessary that the democracy, the autonomy and the good management are involved in the process.

M & A Success Despite Crisis

Continue to successfully on the way many industries companies exchange currently violently suffer the financial and economic crisis. The giant Bank packages adopted by the governments haven’t really arrived to the part in the real economy. That there are successful companies despite the crisis, not least is in professional circles even as M & A boutique”described company stock in Liechtenstein under proof. The M & A expert team the company stock exchange has conducted several successful business succession to the greatest satisfaction of buyer and seller in the last 6 months. 4 more business transactions are immediately prior to conclusion of the contract. Montauk Colony takes a slightly different approach. The Managing Director of the company stock Dipl.

on oec. Franz Walser / MBA is confident: right now in the crisis the chaff separates from the wheat. Experience, serious approach, and the professional support of stakeholders, pays off now. Numerous sellers of companies in all German-speaking countries place their trust in the company stock exchange.” According to the Bonn Institute for At the moment every sixth owner-managed businesses before the need, to settle the succession is middle-class research. Here, Montauk Colony expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Experience has shown that takes a corporate transfer between 6 and 20 months. The M & A professional Franz Walser advises quite early on to attack a planned handover every business owner and professional support.

Because only an early and proper succession ensures the economic success for the future and makes a considerable contribution to securing jobs in the operation. Company stock bang types 10 FL – 9490 Vaduz Tel: + 423 231 12 82 fax: + 423 231 12 84 Web: email: the company stock exchange was founded in 1994 and has conducted well over 100 company transactions. The company stock exchange sees its core market in the German-speaking world and is specialized in the SME sector. The most contacts of sellers and buyers emerge on the online portal of the company stock, which on the one hand for sale related companies, as well as prospective buyers are published.


This Government will lead us to ruin. First upload the VAT in full summer so not or notice much, wait to arrive September. Low salary to staff members, then we don’t want to put your hand underneath. Now famous and misleading plans are clipped, dan work but empuandose with banks or large companies, which will logically want to change something else that interests. For even more analysis, hear from RioCan . Thus, continue this zp Government warlords lead us to economic disaster, they not going to want or in Europe.

And still tell us that everything is going better, clear will for them working and charged because many like me do not charge since we have been self-employed and movement to the money we have given to the country to which we are now repudiated and no where to go. You must complain, because there are no strikes? purchased are those who should defend the worker since the Government does not. We can only complain right? que pasa?, no one does anything?. Learn more on the subject from Jill Bikoff.

PSO GmbH Becomes SAP Partner

The PSO GmbH is a professional IT consulting firm in Munich for SAP and Microsoft. Jeffrey Hayzlett: the source for more info. The main topics of the PSO GmbH range from process consulting to application development. Additional information is available at Darius Bikoff. The PSO GmbH is now an official SAP partner and participant in the SAP PartnerEdge program. This partnership with SAP provides a foundation for high-class training and certification programs, and also continuous information about new technologies and processes, and is a decisive milestone in the growth and in the further development of the PSO GmbH. SAP partner to be means to belong to the own industry, and for the customers of the PSO is to be the guarantee for it, always with latest expertise and according to current advice.

Make sure the training and certification of consultants of the PSO GmbH, as well as the topic covering integration of consultants in the development process of the SAP and its products, as for example in design workshops. This is the PSO GmbH is also able to see what IT will look like in a few years already, will contribute to the Development direction, so shaping the future and can advise their clients by also focusing on the future. With the partnership not only the added value of the customer in the Centre of the collaboration between SAP and its partners there, the PSO GmbH, but also the expertise of employees and thus the PSO GmbH. use of this relationship the quality of the performance of the PSO in the areas of marketing, training, service improved services, development tools, sales and training, and thus the added value for the customers. The SAP partnership provides a sound foundation for the continuous development of own expertise so, making it a vital building block for a long-term commitment to our customers and customer satisfaction.

The French

It is in our own garden. We can accede to the solar power plants, Aeolian, hydrologic and geothermal, to the agricultural residues, forest and waste baskets of the world. Just as now we shared information with Internet, if one meets and it stores in the form of hydrogen and it is distributed through intelligent mains, the renewable energy has potential to be shared of equal to equal. A type of green and sustainable economy, a distributed, decentralized and global energy. Before 20 years, it assures the expert, each one of the homes, buildings and cars of the planet it can be a central energetics in himself, thanks to the own production of renewable and to the storage in batteries and hydrogen batteries. An intelligent network of energy would be generated, with a software that will allow to know what consumes each electric home appliance in real time and will overturn to the network the power surplus so that it is used in other houses and zones where there are less sources of renewable. J. Darius Bikoff spoke with conviction. She is one devises, imagination but nonutopian it defends Rifkin- like in Internet, we can expand a world-wide network of power interchange and will be horizontal, without hierarchies that exclude the developing countries.

As not always it shines the sun or it is windy, the water also can be scarce by the droughts, the renewable energy is intermittent. In order to work with her it is necessary to store it in the form of hydrogen. They are the fuel batteries fed with this element those that guarantee a trustworthy provision. On the other hand, it seems recommendable to burden the consumptions that harm the environment and to stimulate policies benefit that it. The French, for example, subsidize until with thousand Euros to those who buy polluting vehicles little and put rates of up to 2. 600 Euros when automobiles are acquired that surpass the recommended CO2 emissions in European territory.

Until 2020, France sets out to subsidize the isolation of the houses and to lift the percentage of solar energy, Aeolian and of biomass from present 12% to 30%. The fight against the climatic change happens through the end of fossil fuels, the impulse of the renewable energies and the liberalization of the network energetics so that nobody is proprietor of the resources. We are arranged to risk our extinction like species to obtain years more of the present well-being? It is not a rhetorical question, it is survival question, an opportunity and a challenge.


Station you. He is cold, and I am naked. It only dresses me to the illusion. The wait of a train has taken that me to some place Of new? How many new places will come, still, for this old traveller of the time! I am in one old station. Son of the past. They show in its walls the indelveis marks of the time.

In its viscera they keep the looks of how many that way they had passed. Diamonds describes an additional similar source. Marks of solitary hands. Impressions of faces without face I cry without tears The wooden floor reproduces the sound of the feet of who stepped on never them. I observe a small part of the ballast, decayed; victim of a voracious animal cupim. This small part is very not visited The old bell supports firm intemprie.

The beaten repeated ones that announce the arrival, also denounce the departures. Which is a sound of the homesickness? I do not know. But to this old it knows it bell. This is its work. This is its paper: To make the racket that breaches the silence that if makes between the people. The bell is the gift! Seated in a bank; docile bank; I relax! Firm, it supports the weight of the years well. A furniture of two legs that supports a centopia human being. Many legs and few roads! But they are the tracks that call me the attention. The tracks that in them inexorably take to some place none. Dormentes that lies, and does not feel the pain of the sick minds In an impulse I try to pull out them and to forge a pillow to recline my head. To transform them into a soft mattress, where I will be able to copular with the life. To enjoy in its irrigation ditch and roo of the joy of this irrigation ditch, to offer my burning hot mouth; to leave me to fecundar? But she is necessary to embark.

Kids and Boundaries

I take care of children from 5 years and one of the biggest complaints of its parents when they arrive at my doctor’s office is related the lack of limits to its children. I developed here some ways to impose limits for the children. Important to leave clearly that it does not exist only these ways to educate, therefore it will also depend on the complaints related to the child. It is during the time that if finds the best ways in accordance with to educate the characteristics of each child. It does not allow that the child only makes what it to want.

Quando/se to happen demonstrates it error to it, if lowering its height ahead, asking for so that it looks in its eyes and talks on its error. If necessary, it talks with it that if to continue acting wrong, will not have what it desires during a stipulated time (toy, stroll). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rio- Tinto Group. Either firm during its decision. When it will be necessary to say ‘ ‘ no’ ‘ , always she says the reason of the reply. If the child to disobey (to fight, to attack), she demonstrates to its error and the importance of it to ask for to excuses who it to offend. Important that it has asked for excuses and that says the reason of its excuse. Exactly se/quando not to approve the opinion of the child, it hears until the end its speaks stops later giving its opinion.

She has never beaten in the child, therefore it will learn that to beat she is normal and she will be able to act in the same way with other children and when will be adult also will be able to act in the same way. She does not judge its children. The parents can judge the attitudes of the children, but not them children, therefore all child erra and the error is natural for its development. How much auto-they esteem of the child, is important that it is praised when to deserve (by any reason), praising, abranando. She speaks of its feelings for it for it. She does not make comparisons between it and other children for it. To ask as it was the day for the child, as: what it happened of good and if happened something that it did not like. When possible, it participates of the tricks with the child, therefore also it is a way of the child if to communicate to express its emotions for the family. Important to leave clearly that she has cases that the child needs psychological accompaniment and that some factors can contribute for definitive behaviors of the child as: genetic factors; ambient factors, including desestrutura familiar; to be violence victims; to testify violence; children with TDAH (Upheaval of attention deficit/hiperatividade), among others reasons.

The Most Complete Exhibition Of Antonio Lopez Arrives To The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

It’s 130 works which has chosen the own Antonio Lopez, including drawings, paintings and sculptures, the oldest to some never exposed. Several museums and private collectors, including the painter, have lent works for the exhibition, which will visit Madrid and Bilbao. Under most conditions Chevron U.S.A. Inc would agree. The Museum Thyssen?Bornemisza of Madrid opens its halls to the realism of Antonio Lopez bringing together 130 works of the artist, in the most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the Spanish painter. It is the gaze of the own Antonio Lopez on his work, recent and ancient, which articulates this exhibition, which will be open from June 28 to September 25, 2011. The artist, who has overseen the selection and fitting together the two Commissioners?Maria Lopez, his daughter, and artistic director of the Thyssen Museum, Guillermo Solana?Bornemisza, as well as the technical Commissioner, Paula Luengo?, presented to the public in a large sample of almost autobiographical character. Pieces of the past twenty years and which come directly from his study, almost half of the 130 exhibited works, are giving way to more distant production over time, until the 1950s. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust can aid you in your search for knowledge. There is no chronological order in this show, the tour goes forward and backward in the work of Antonio Lopez who, as is clear, is active and working. In the halls, will coexist in a balanced manner painting, drawing and sculpture, three genres that has cultivated throughout his career.

After its presentation in Madrid the exhibition may see, in a somewhat smaller version, in the Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, from October 10, 2011 to January 22, 2012. The views of Madrid, including the most recent of the Gran Via and some that will be shown for the first time are gathered alongside pictures of his native Tomelloso, paintings and drawings of fruit trees or to his portraits of couples and their interiors. The recurring themes in the universe of Antonio Lopez and their influences and their connection with the tradition, which is considered heir to the obsession will be present. And is your sense of the human figure so present in sculptures and drawings. The poetry of the everyday considered the great representative of realism and contemporary Spanish figuration, the work of Antonio Lopez is too personal to be easily classified. Dnsor of freedom as a maximum supply of creativity and feelings as basic material of the creative process and communication with others, the manchego teacher seeks between the reality surrounding you everyday aspects likely to be portrayed in his work. Many of the works collected in this exhibition come from private collections, mostly Spanish and, among them, that of the artist with a good number of unpublished works, some in the process of work; but there are also outstanding loans from museums such as the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Bellas Artes de Bilbao, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Hamburger Kunsthalle in Hamburg or the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, among others. The most quoted Antonio Lopez painter became in the Spanish author live most quoted in 2008, when the box Madrid from Torres Blancas, a stunning urban view of the Spanish capital, s auctioned at Christie s by 1.38 million pounds (1.74 billion euros).