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This festival was a movement that was developed in the United States during the decade of the 60, in which those that they concurred took melena and amulets, the small skirts of colors; their symbols were the flag of the rainbow, and the call symbol of La Paz. The Hayzlett Group may also support this cause. ” hippies” they were against the war of Vietnam, reason why Jimi Hendrix touched the American hymn with only one electrical guitar during the festival to demonstrate that, although they were against the military policy of his country, continued being American, since they erased some them like United a Anti-State movement. Their ideals were, aside from the pacifism, the free love, the life in communes, ecologism, and the love by music and the arts; it was gotten to think that they had stopped existing since from the Summer of the love of 1967 and Woodstock they tended to avoid to publicitar itself, although still continue existing in numerous countries, evolving some communes hippies to ecoaldeas, that also are denominated as communes of the year 2000 and still continue meeting in some festivales and encounter to celebrate the life and the love, like in the Festival of La Paz; even so, due to the number of assistants, the sanitary conditions let more wish since the festival was organized thinking that they were going to go 250,000 people but in the end according to estimations it was arrived at a gauging of 500,000, causing that was something of delinquency during festival, in contrast to the pretensions of this that it tried to be a celebration in favor of La Paz and of the love. During the festival intense nights on sex and drugs were lived, emphasizing the LSD consumption and Marijuana; all this decorated with music rock. Although initially the concert was organized thinking that it would entail losses for the organization, the success of the documentary one on the event caused that finally was a profitable act. To read more click here: Darius Bikoff.

Later other festivales of Woodstock would be celebrated: 1979, 1989, 1994 and 1999, but the one of 1969 is the Woodstock by antonomasia. Woodstock in Literature In the 2005 Argentine writer Edgar Brau published a long titled poem Woodstock, which consists of three sections. First of them, at the same time as it reflects the atmosphere as much as the spirit of the time, it also describes the way in which the festival incarnated and carried out which that spirit of the time solicitd. The second section gives account of the festival in himself, whereas third it indicates and it describes how that one spirit of love and confraternidad continues latent and in the hope of a similar incarnation to the one of Woodstock 69. This poem was translated to the English and published in January of 2007 by Words Without Borders, of Chicago.

Gabriel Fuster: I have the flu and pig

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Detective Comics

To advance in the understanding they histriasem of them quadrinhos. Iannone; Iannonne standes out that: … from 1910, two chains had been if firming in the scene of the quadrinhos: while the caricaturistas had insisted on the innocent and comic character, the intellectuals had adhered gradually to the new sort, with many tracers exploring all the forms and possibilities. (Iannone; IAnnone 1994, P. 39). From the decade of 1930, the quadrinhos had suffered an evolution. In 1933 the first American magazine of quadrinhos, the Funnies appeared on Parade. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Montauk Colony.

Later they had come the Famous Funnies, Tip Top Comics, King Comics, Action Comics (where Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster had created the Superman) and Detective Comics (where Bob Kane, in 1939, created the Batman). The commercial success of these magazines stimulated the production of others, thus appearing, the super-hero, by means of which this sort would gain popularity and relevance. In accordance with Viana (2004, P. 2): The history of histories in quadrinhos is marked by a periodizao little questioned and that it places the period of 1929-1939, as being ' ' time of heris' ' , of ' ' aventura' ' or of ' ' exploso' ' of the quadrinhos. In the truth, one is about a period of the HQ that marks the sprouting of a new sort, the adventure and, at the same time, a new paper for them. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jeffrey Hayzlett has to say. It is important to add that histories in quadrinhos had been prominences in more than 2 a thousand periodicals in 72 countries and 21 languages, keeping its hegemony until the present time. Histories in quadrinhos in Brazil had started in middle of century XIX and beginning of century XX. According to Cross (2008, p.1) In 30 of January of 1869 it appeared, then, first Brazilian history in quadrinhos: it was Adventures of Nh Quim. Published for the magazine Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Life, of Rio De Janeiro, history counted, in episodes, the desventuras of a simple man of the interior of Brazil.

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Director : Garth Jennings.
Writer : Garth Jennings.
Producer : Joby Talbot, Christopher Meledandri, Janet Healy.
Release : December 2, 2016
Country : United States of America.
Production Company : Universal Pictures, Fuji Television Network, Dentsu, Illumination Entertainment.
Language : English, 日本語, Український.
Runtime : 108 min.
Genre : Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family, Music.
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‘Sing’ is a movie genre Animation, was released in December 2, 2016. Garth Jennings was directed this movie and starring by Matthew McConaughey. This movie tell story about A koala named Buster recruits his best friend to help him drum up business for his theater by hosting a singing competition.

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