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Proximal Development

Through this method, she looked for to identify its potentialities and to use them in estruturao of the process education/learning It suggested that the daily ones were left in a closet if they wanted that the same one knew its histories, moved that it to each reading. Teacher G as was called for the pupils […]


We live as who lives in a perpetual competition of beauty, does not admit more life a normal life a common life. When we dress in them, our clothes are not simply stop leaving in them comfortable and pretty but our clothes had been changedded now into expression of being able on the too much […]

California Madeline

The film ' ' The Poder&#039 Room; ' of the Coast-Record director, if it passes in a city of called California Madeline and counts the estria of one just former-keeps of called museum Sam Baily that, trying to recover its job, commits an act of momentnea madness that results in a not-deliberate sequestration. Journalist Max […]