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Weekend Getaways

Up not too many years ago the tourism industry saw limited their activities to a few months a year. Hotel and tourism infrastructure in general functioned at the top of its capacity during the summer months, and then moderately during the winter months. The winter season was synonymous with skiing and was, therefore, reserved exclusively […]

Suitable Materials

To obtain perfect finishing for the bows of hair of the children demands the correct election of the materials with which we are going to work: – Type of tape or ribbon: it must sufficiently be flexible like being able to work it and to sew it by hand but, simultaneously, with the body and […]

French Conquer

In this platform of reason, the man left of being an animal ' ' domesticado' ' for the war – as thus he was perceived in ' ' aldeias' ' espartana, Greek, Roman and Persian – to changed itself into a BEING created with civilizatrios intentions, fincando roots in social principles. Of this form, it […]

Second Vatican Council

But then, if the descendants of Adam and Eve were black and white to this day, one of the two, Adam and Eve must necessarily have been black. And this conclusion leads directly to the biblical book of Genesis where it talks about the creation of man. There are two versions of the source. Under […]

New Discovery

The territory has use alternated with practical of the military services that act during the day and in the nocturnal period they search the individuals, with intention to assassinate them, for having committed delicts or to subverterem the orders of use and occupation of the territories protected for the military services. Contact information is here: […]

California Madeline

The film ' ' The Poder&#039 Room; ' of the Coast-Record director, if it passes in a city of called California Madeline and counts the estria of one just former-keeps of called museum Sam Baily that, trying to recover its job, commits an act of momentnea madness that results in a not-deliberate sequestration. Journalist Max […]

Know-how For Global Success: Localization World 2010 Addressed Finance

Prominently occupied roundtables with representatives of Credit Suisse, HypoVereinsbank, PayPal and SWIFT (society for Worldwide Interbank of financial telecommunications) Berlin. Localization and translation projects in the financial sector are highly sensitive projects. In addition to marketing materials, such as Web content, sales brochures, business reports and other explosive documents need to be translated. In cooperation […]

Our Tip

Advertising aims to arouse interest in products and services and win customers. A translation company that can look back on many years of cooperation with various companies from different industries, has broad experience and extensive knowledge about the products that will be marketed and advertised. For more information see Jeffrey Hayzlett. Because advertising should sound […]


Summer, sea, beach, sand …. going to the sea, pool, lake or estuary, we wonder what to bring with you to eat? Many skazhut'A I'm not taking anything in, you can buy everything on the beach. " This is certainly true that in our You can buy all the time, and the beaches are teeming […]

Bizztube Video Marketing

Video marketing in the Switzerland offers the possibility of setting simple videos on the Internet the Embassy to reclaim on the own or foreign site to demonstrate Uttwil TG, 23.11.2012: video marketing, a trend which began not too long ago and has prevailed in a very short time. This particular form of online marketing is […]