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Caretaker Cars

A habit became and a general preference, the cook of the hotel already was accustomed with the routine of the preparation of as much cheese chicken every day. Nobody nauseated! After a long period repeating that habit, a beautiful day, we were surprised at the refusal of the staff of the pantry that found odd […]


Talking with me in Arab they had perceived that I foreign age and even so have perceived that they to leave to leave did not want me made not to understand. I gave one of ignorant foreigner I entered in the car I pulled out and I capsized the esquina in the end of the […]

National Association

The news in the media on the fight judicial of the young millionaire and its former better friend, had intensified the success guaranteed before its launching, have filmed this that counted on plus some tools pleasing its then spectator and stimulating it to divulge it more the film in ' ' mouth to boca' ' […]