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More Necessary Form

Many people, who use the Internet, have difficulty to translate texts, a time that the English language is present in the majority of the pages. To sail for site, to lower archives and texts in other languages, much people do not risk themselves to make. Some tools exist stop assisting in them in the task […]

Posterior One

Untitled DocumentVoc some time needed to write a number for extensive in Excel? In this AddIn (supplement) I use vba Excel 2003, however you can use VB6 with Excel to pack its personalized function. The first step requires the creation of the routine that will install the supplement: Option Explicit Dim ExtensoInstalado The Boolean Private […]

Lcia Technological

In the educational area, the use of the chalk, blackboard, notebook, books already is not more the only tools used in classroom. The technology leaves of being an adversary to become a powerful tool of work. For this it is important that school and professors have critical vises on its utility and what has for […]