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Camila Fernanda Marmontel Blacksmith

The tool, called fresa, possesss multiple edges (teeth) cutting that they remove, to each rotation, a small amount of material in the form of cavacos. For the fact of tool and part if to put into motion in more than a direction at the same time can be gotten surfaces with almost any orientation. The […]

The Leishmaniose American Tegumentar

Protozorios of the Leishmania sort is parasitic responsible for causing leishmaniose in human beings and animal. Studies epidemiologists show that annually more than 1,5 million people are infectadas and about 350 million people they run risk to contract the illness. Leishmanioses is gifts in more than 88 countries and because of the high indices of […]

Pay Debts

Bodies if join, however the Being that comes to the light, are not what if it wants, but what God wants, therefore between innumerable spermatozoa alone some are fecundados. Nor all obtain to win the challenges to form a distinct body. Everything what God makes is Perfect, even though to hinder for an ignorance mist […]

Internet Capacity

For the elaboration of this work we count on I assist of some references bibliographical as well as some consultations in the Internet. It still matters to relate that this work approaches a summary of some part of the electricidade lessons and magnetism, since these item already had been boarding previously during the lessons. Objectivos […]