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New Discovery

The territory has use alternated with practical of the military services that act during the day and in the nocturnal period they search the individuals, with intention to assassinate them, for having committed delicts or to subverterem the orders of use and occupation of the territories protected for the military services. Contact information is here: […]

Soviet Union

Thus, any manifestation regarding traditions, culture, history folklore inside of the Soviet Union, would present with all the disparidades found in the different peoples who composed that one that was the biggest nation of the Land (DOWLING, 2008). 5. The Heavy Metal in Soviet Former-Republic 4.1. The Russian Federacy the first peoples to inhabit the […]

Fertile Valley

Ricardo Jose Baptist Walnut (Doctor in Geography, professor of the Department of Geografia/UFAM), nogueiraricardo@ uol.com.br Michelli Saints Da Silva (Academic of 6 period of the course of Geografia/UFAM) michellis22@ yahoo.com.br Amlia Regina Baptist Walnut (Doctor in Geography, coordinator of the Group of Research Ambiente and Cultura/UFAM) nogueiraricardo@ uol.com.br esumo the Forest during much time has […]