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How to recover my partner? Questions you: what should I do, who come to ask for help are moments of helplessness of disorientation and despair, think of witchcraft and gives you equal the means in order to achieve your goal. It is sometimes so advocates like talking to someone who actually knows more than your […]


However is compulsory point out that the world narrated in the Bible is not created exclusively from literary fiction as it usually happens in secular literature. In Scripture the events, arguments, protagonists, geograficos-temporales scenarios, messages and reasons, are not only elements whose references have existence in intra – textual context. On the aesthetic side of […]

Economic Sciences

With this work, was explanado how much the siderurgical sector represents for the economy of a country, a state and a city, and as international a financial crisis it affects the most varied sectors of the financial market. Therefore, with the caused negative impact in the diverse economic sectors, it fits to the scholars in […]

Holy Spirit

For this reason it is necessary to persevere to the end and we must do on these fronts in our lives: 1. Trust in God still resound in our ears and minds the words given to Joshua to continue forward in the huge undertaking and difficult to replace your guide and move ahead the road […]

Philosophy: Scrates, Plato And Aristotle

Scrates Scrates practised the philosophy as being a divine mission trusted by the Apolo god: it knows you it exactly you; believed that only it could carry through it if it took the rule to all the men. Scrates understood the philosophy as the search for the truth, treading the way of the wisdom between […]

Dealing With Pain

I have fear, infections, pain, rejection, immunosuppressants, 30 pills a day, analysis, quotes! Terror and I have all your fault Liver Damn! Liver exhausted, dying, dying, “he said” Call a priest … I Communion! NO! – I said, “You will die without the Holy Oils and … you will go to Hell! The liver began […]

The General

This horse has back problems and certainly not only that! Probably massive pain. It is cramped and braced. It would not be surprised if show up on an X-ray image already kissing spines would. The instructor but says that has nothing to say. WITHOUT WORDS! What do you do in such a situation? It would […]