March, 2016 Archive

Human Resources

4. Specialised publications (usually at the federal level). These include, for example, magazines 'Commercial vehicles', 'Oil and gas equipment' or 'Human Resources'. What good is this kind of magazines? Their main advantage – a clearly defined target audience, ensuring that one hundred percent hit. Customers (including potential) of the company – one of the most […]

Regional Marketing Manager

There is an alternative. Its name – social marketing. The term "social marketing" appeared in the West in 1971. They called the use of marketing principles to solve social objectives and implementation of social ideas. What people more confidence – the words or deeds? The answer is obvious – cases. So why not use the […]

Custom Made Gifts

Receiving a gift custom-made badge with the logo of a famous company, subconsciously perceived by consumers as his introduction to this company. Accordingly, increases not only the loyalty the consumer to the brand or the company – he becomes a living advertisement. Such as printing accessory icon must attract attention of his relatives and friends. […]

Harry Potter

Sonorous, well-remembered, 'talking' name and slogan – this is what will provide your goods from the crowd. " And it turns out that, stating the one service, we offer another, and, specifically, the development of the brand. Such word play, is anything but safe and general concern thing. Unfortunately, but the fact is peculiar to […]

Important Insurance

Everyone should be concerned about important insurance for the protection of life are very important insurance E.g. risk life insurance, capital life insurance, a funeral, as well as the liability insurance. But why do I need insurance? Here a small overview. Risk life insurance provides financial protection for the survivors in the event of death. […]