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Project Pedagogical Politician

It has a correlation of forces and it is in this shock that if the conflicts originate propitiating the construction of new forms of work, with open spaces to the collective reflection that they favor the dialogue, the horizontal communication enter the different involved segments with the educative process, the decentralization of being able. 7) […]

Teach Evaluation

He exists, however, a deep abyss between the progressive speech and taken root the practical traditionalist of evaluation in the schools, more specifically in the public schools. It is important to give continuity to the inquiries that they search find way solutions that the school if more than approaches the ideals of the society, if […]

Detective Comics

To advance in the understanding they histriasem of them quadrinhos. Iannone; Iannonne standes out that: … from 1910, two chains had been if firming in the scene of the quadrinhos: while the caricaturistas had insisted on the innocent and comic character, the intellectuals had adhered gradually to the new sort, with many tracers exploring all […]

Fridrich Progress

Lowy thus, speaks inside of the insufficience of the reforms of this system and also it points with respect to the necessity of other technologies, other forms of relation with the nature, that also take in account the ecological question and the social matters. Thus, when we try to answer to the initial problematizao of […]

The Project

To recognize and to appreciate many chances that appear every day to make the positive difference in the life of another one person. To appreciate the people of the past and the gift to be a citizen with progress yearnings. To use words of good convivncia constantly: please, thanks a lot, with license, she forgives. […]

Gift Wrapping

So, How to Wrap a gift to be remembered for a long time? It is clear (and, if not already, try to yes), what a gift you give, because first of all from you this is nice. Well, in general, this could be and finish. Because if you're doing to yourself, it does not work, […]


' ' Projects of thought are the engines of the functioning of intelligence, knowing themselves that to be intelligent gentica.&#039 is not nor dom nor souvenir; ' The school has primordial function in this taken over on a contract basis, to defy the apprentice to question, to problematizar, to develop multiple forms to think. In […]

Mexican Peninsula Of Baja California

By the end of the 21st century, average global temperature will rise by 1,8-4,0 degrees, according to a recently published in China 'Report on Development of Science in 2008. " Chinese academics confirmed that the main cause of global warming is human activity, which is why the atmosphere is gradually increasing the concentration greenhouse gases, […]

Sousa Saints

But we also saw that the unexpected one becomes possible and if it carries through; we saw frequently that the improbable one if carries through what the probable one more than; let us know, then, to wait the unexpected one and to work for the improbable one. This must be the great tonic of the […]