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Saxon Prime Minister

State pension system requires individual wealth accumulation against poverty in old age Berlin at the end of its possibilities of experts at the ICC Berlin – pension lies in the hands of each individual, and no longer under the responsibility of the State. Leading German pension and financial experts at the first Berlin Congress ‘Think […]

Rurup Pension

Pensions and tax savings in one called the base pension, and Rurup pension, pension was introduced as an alternative to the Riester in 2005. Because most of the self-employed and freelancers did not benefit from a State-sponsored retirement plans. Still shows the Rurup pension but also as a convenient way of pension for workers and […]

Los Angeles

Here I will like a man, do not approve of. " The role of the God-man sang Vyacheslav Tikhonov. The most mammal-like God in the animated series 'South Park': a cross between a hippo, cat and monkey, with a long tongue, which he catches flies. Creators Matt Stone series and Trey Parker explain it this […]