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Juan Esteban Yupanqui

In many times they rebuked him; already once told his parents that the churre, wants to go where are the apus, which makes it once more, they will give you a warning, because you don’t want to disturb the apus in the forest, only whether those who are older and taught to survive in the […]

United States

What is known is that the leaders of Hama, rated this resolution of blackmail designed to strengthen Mahmud Abbas. Despite this, some Western delegations are committed to likely little reconciliation between the two Palestinian factions and the formation of a Government of national unity able to rebalance the political landscape in the territories. Many political […]

Evo Morales

For his part the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa said, that the decision to join the ALBA was q mature and reflective way by his Government, to thus continue claiming the right of the peoples of America to choose their destinations and to prioritize its interests. This involves integrating the physical infrastructure, share energy projects […]

United States

It reminds us of, considered to be the amount of competing products has increased significantly. In the United States approximately 31,000 patents new occurred in 1975 while in 2000 the number of patents increased by 300%. In countries such as England or Germany, growth was more than 600% in the same period. As a […]