February, 2017 Archive

The Attendant

I leave, then with you, the freedom of choice: – You want to have PROBLEMS or CHALLENGES? PROBLEMS OR CHALLENGES? In its book ' ' Alegria' ' , Osho affirms that: Illumination is the deep agreement of that problems do not exist. I found this absurd affirmation at the moment I read that it, has […]

European Constitution

The Integral Law against the sort violence makes the protection measures clear to the victims and in the consequences that stop the children and daughters of these derive themselves, but in the educative scope it remains a little cuts. One is due to explain as one is going away to treat the violence in the […]

The Butterfly Effect

The experience of the world does not consist in the number of things that have been seen, but the number of things that has been reflected with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. a fruit Overview, scope As you know the “butterfly effect” is a concept referring to the notion of sensitivity to initial conditions within the framework […]

UN Climate Conference In Copenhagen – Doomed Despite Good Solutions?

You could solve a problem: presentation of the ‘ ZERO WASTE’ strategy to the Reststoffentsogung with enormous reduction of CO2 emissions, emission-free and low-cost. Today is the last day of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. The international community wants to agree on a new world climate agreement. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday […]