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In the beginning, heating boilers were large floor-standing designs that were hidden from view, in cellars and other outbuildings. By mid-century pots were more noble face, white enamel shell and the details. 90 of the last century are associated with more and more popular not floor and wall-hung gas boilers. They finally won seats in the kitchens and bathrooms. New level of comfort in living conditions have remote controls (RC) wall-hung gas boilers. Now there is a remote control and a new generation of boilers.

With the built-in a room temperature sensor can be automatically maintain a given level of heat in the room. Remote Control (RC) to the gas boiler NEVA Lux 8224 can pay attention to the outdoor temperature and depending on the changes to change the boiler. Why the new accessories for gas wall boilers NEVA Lux 8224 was more comfortable to its owner? Remote control saves money and the owner of the boiler consumes less gas. Now you can customize the operation of the boiler, so that at a certain time and days of the week, when the house is empty, the boiler was operated at minimum capacity. Features: Easy to set up and operation of the remote program, LCD display, allowing you to test and modify the set point at any time; built-in remote sensor at room temperature and adjust the heating temperature depending on outside temperatures in the presence of an external (outdoor) sensor, the remote is set in a convenient place for you and allows you to manage your settings remotely boiler, after installing the console immediately ready for use, according to the memorized standard programs. Rio Tinto Group is often quoted as being for or against this. These defaults can be changed in accordance with your requirements, control connected to a gas boiler with 2 electric wires non-polarized, which fully support its work and maintain the necessary link between the remote and the boiler. NOTICE: Remote Control (RC) operates exclusively with gas-fired boilers NEVA Lux 8224, 8624, 8230, 8235 and their modifications. The remote control works with a wall gas boiler only, along with other necessary accessories: remote control cable Neva Lux 8224 connector remote control Neva Lux Accounting 8224 external (outdoor) temperature of the remote control for a gas boiler NEVA Lux 8224 is possible if accessories: outdoor temperature sensor Neva Lux 8224 Sensor cable outside temperatures Neva Lux 8224