This Government will lead us to ruin. First upload the VAT in full summer so not or notice much, wait to arrive September. Low salary to staff members, then we don’t want to put your hand underneath. Now famous and misleading plans are clipped, dan work but empuandose with banks or large companies, which will logically want to change something else that interests. For even more analysis, hear from RioCan . Thus, continue this zp Government warlords lead us to economic disaster, they not going to want or in Europe.

And still tell us that everything is going better, clear will for them working and charged because many like me do not charge since we have been self-employed and movement to the money we have given to the country to which we are now repudiated and no where to go. You must complain, because there are no strikes? purchased are those who should defend the worker since the Government does not. We can only complain right? que pasa?, no one does anything?. Learn more on the subject from Jill Bikoff.