United States

What is known is that the leaders of Hama, rated this resolution of blackmail designed to strengthen Mahmud Abbas. Despite this, some Western delegations are committed to likely little reconciliation between the two Palestinian factions and the formation of a Government of national unity able to rebalance the political landscape in the territories. Many political scientists and analysts international deposited their confidence in the new American policy in the region. However between the preconditions imposed by American diplomacy figure, in addition to the constant isolation of Hamas, a lax attitude towards announced construction of some 73,000 new homes in the occupied territories. The head of the State Department preferred not to take action on the matter. Clinton said, that Yes, that for Washington the solution of two States Israel and Palestine is inevitable. But the inevitable former first lady not covered, at least for now, a more vigorous stance to the authorities in Tel Aviv. Even more: the Secretary of State expressed unwavering support from Washington to the State of Israel, retaking the cliches of the speech in Jerusalem in 2000, during his last trip to the area as the wife of the then President of the United States.

Among the few novelties of Hillary Clinton tour to East average figure, however, an attempt to approach to Syria, a country that was, along with Iran, the Bush administration blacklisted and that, according to the current occupant of the White House, is called to play a key role for the security of the area. He wondered if Israeli strategists share the point of view of Washington, or if we are, once again, faced with divergent interests and positions. Anyway, in regard to the Palestinian question is concerned, the international community has been forced to pass, for the umpteenth time by the ring of Tel Aviv, which has imposed its usual slogan: swallows and pays. The comments are unnecessary.