Regional Marketing Manager

There is an alternative. Its name – social marketing. The term "social marketing" appeared in the West in 1971. They called the use of marketing principles to solve social objectives and implementation of social ideas. What people more confidence – the words or deeds? The answer is obvious – cases. So why not use the huge advertising budgets not on the merits of the allegations goods, and on stories of good deeds or beneficial to society promoting ideas, but under the same logo? To use was, and business and society? In Russia, too, there are such examples, but they are very, very little. Try to solve social problems company "Avon" (early diagnosis of breast cancer), or brand "Orchard" (gifts to the children's home). But this kind of activity is more the exception than the rule.

So what's the matter, why is such a great idea does not is worthy of incarnation? The case, first of all, the mentality, the lack of understanding of the issue as a business, and society. Someone thinks charity whim, someone – an inner, personal spiritual need, on which is to say something inappropriate. It is clear that society needs charity, the more such cases – the better. And the more successful the business of the company, the more charitable activities, it can conduct – it is natural. The dependence of the direct, obvious, and profitable to society, and most businesses. Gain insight and clarity with Jeffrey Hayzlett. But somehow, this chain of logic in this country is not working. Julianna Sokolovskaya, Regional Marketing Manager "Oriflame", "A few years ago, our company began to work the program" Children – flowers of life.