However is compulsory point out that the world narrated in the Bible is not created exclusively from literary fiction as it usually happens in secular literature. In Scripture the events, arguments, protagonists, geograficos-temporales scenarios, messages and reasons, are not only elements whose references have existence in intra – textual context. On the aesthetic side of the biblical message language is at the service of the history of the plan of salvation. The beauty of being redeemed, the beauty of the Holiness of God, and the perfect salvation is sung with him. It is useful to emphasize that both the referential, as in expressive or emotional two function perspectives of interpretation of signs can occur, the denotation and connotation.

The first refers to the objective meaning or cognitive, i.e. a direct relationship between the sign and the object; the second refers to a subjective interpretation. The denotative reference is itself the scientific language or formal (2 5 = 10), the connotative is common in literary and popular language (signs like: love, God, Salvation) are interpreted by the receiver according to the experience that has had with the referent. The above applied to the spiritual or religious field gives bases to declare that the use of reading the Bible for believers is greatly determined by a connotative reference formed by the degree of relationship that you have with your great INSPIRER. The study of the word of God alone is helpful with the connotative reference produced by knowing its author God’s word in conative function the Bible message is the highest appellate application of the gift of language. Constituent part of nature with which man was created is his sociability, her gregarious sense.

This was the first characterization of human needs, and declared it the same Lord. It is not good that the man should be alone (Genesis 2: 18). For researchers of sociolinguistics, relations and interdependence between society and language, involves, among many issues, elucidating how the social determines linguistic and vice versa.