Khi Kong

Therefore, this trend is a function of consciousness and using special methods of anger management is a special branch Science. With its help in the process of life are carried out self-observation and self-control that promotes health and longevity. Background Theory and Practice of khi-kong is part of the ancient cultural heritage of Vietnam. For millennia, these methods were used for protection against disease, prolonging life, self-development of the intellect. For centuries, the tradition passed down by word of mouth mostly – from the mentor to the student or within a tribal clan. In pursuit of longevity were studied by means of breathing turtle, crane, tiger, hawk, snakes, monkeys. Subsequently, the knowledge enriched by different dynamic set of exercises, with exotic names have survived, "embrace the universe," "Move a mountain with his hands," "Hold hands, the sky," "Blows to the heavenly drum", "rolling ball" … Classes khi-kong may have following objectives: – improving the health, strengthening immunity, preventing and treating chronic disease – improving physique and physical appearance, slowing aging – to relieve fatigue, increase Health – the development of intelligence, the disclosure of reserve capacity of the body and mind – prepare to work in extreme conditions and to develop special qualities. So today we have in our arsenal various types of unique tradition, which if desired can join. Khi-kong – a kind of physical culture, which combines the functions of treatment and rehabilitation who is also a specific type of autologous training in a special way developmental psychology and consciousness.