AS IT AFFECTS the CONSUMPTION IN the AMBIENT Consumption: it is a term that is used to describe the effects to generally equal the personal happiness to the purchase of goods and services or the consumption. The case is exemplified by the phrase: The more consumption, the more happy I am. Also one talks about to the excessive consumption of goods and services in the contemporary society that seriously hits in the natural resources and the ecological balance. One is based on the creation of needs that make the demand of products possible to satisfy them. For that reason the necessity to clarify the existence of different types from needs: those basic so that the man survives and others more accessories. What causes to make a decision to buy? What aspects influence in their mind to acquire certain product? What aspects are motivating in the taking of decisions, within the psychology of the consumer, applied in the marketing research? The consumer is in force by means of pre-established mental processes, through three aspects that are: the reference groups primary, secondary and tertiary. These groups are those that mold the personality of the individual. The primary groups of reference are the family, of who, the individual learns in first instance you rule, landlords or rolls of behavior towards the first social group that is its family, fulfilling certain functions and behaviors that are guided by the parents, brothers, grandparents, uncles, etc. In second instance, are the secondary groups of reference; as they are the friendships and the school, that is to say, the contact with different groups that they extend or they limit the development, knowledge and expectations of the individual in a certain social group, by means of socioeconmicoculturales factors, which will delimit their later social function. Within the tertiary groups of reference, the massive means of communication are counted that mold the character, as well as you rule and social expectations to follow, within a chronological or temporary context.