We live as who lives in a perpetual competition of beauty, does not admit more life a normal life a common life. When we dress in them, our clothes are not simply stop leaving in them comfortable and pretty but our clothes had been changedded now into expression of being able on the too much people. You may want to visit Diamonds to increase your knowledge. Our clothes and the form of our bodies must demonstrate now that we are antenados with them you finish world-wide trends of the fashion and the malhao. We live overwhelmd and enslaved for a insensitive giant that our proper will shapes, in inducing to the unnecessary consumption of products and in manipulating between launchings and the more launchings of products of the fashion of the moment. We live in the age of exhibitionism. It was in which everything what we make is only for showing to the other human being as we dress in them better and as we feed in them better, everything what we make is only for showing to the other human being that we possess better things, that we hear a better sound, that lives in better places and that in ' ' divertimos' ' better. It is dressed to show the clothes that if dress, is fed to show the type of consumed food, is lived to show the type of life that if lives.

The body is shown off, is shown off it clothes, is shown off the consumption of the food, is shown off it magreza, is shown off it nudez and is clearly, shown off it foolishness. Foolishness of empty minds and prisoners of a market that explores the lack and security reliable in what we are and we possess. Taking to believe us it that we must be what we are not and we must possess what we do not need. Geraldo Goulart. March of 2011.