Guided Rafting Tours

They can rafting & canyoning tours in the most beautiful mountains of rafting & canyoning tours in the most beautiful areas of Bavaria s, for example on the ISAR in bad Tolz, the Saalach make Reichenhall, the Inn in Bad Griesbach and on the Iller in Sonthofen in bath. A sexy, adventurous fun. Nature pure, so to speak. A safe swimming, as well as a very good, physical Constitution are prerequisite. There are levels of whitewater rafting, these are divided into I-IV with different levels of difficulty. All rafting tours, they are accompanied by an experienced, certified boat Guide. Rafting is a group experience, because as they say, all sitting in the same boat”. It is an outdoor sport that leaves no wish unfulfilled and is a real thrill for everyone.

Bathing suit, a towel and shoes that can get wet, because it certainly can be a very wet water fun are all they need. Whether beginner or professional, it is for anyone who makes a genuine nature experience. It are extensively all stakeholders before the ride by the boat operator safety talk”while fixing the principles governing the behavior explains the rafting tour. The boat is controlled by the boatman and the participant rowing according to his command. Rafting they will accompany waves, rolling and sweeping waters, whitewater trips are a real challenge and ideal for an Outdoorcamp. Rule or according to individual request such a tour lasts 2-4 hours. You will experience fascinating rafting routes with a unique kick.

A particularly popular one dough tours is the ISAR river rafting. Which plug goes from bad Tolz and Lenggries and takes about 2-4 hours. You can rent equipment and be accompanied by a recognised leader of the boat. This tour is ideally suited for any family who like it like once adventurous, they should be at least 5 persons. The tour is approximately 10 km long, it quiet sections of water with wet Schwallen turns, a few Rapids can be so that they pay attention to footwear which can be wet. Enjoy whitewater rafting trips as tangy paddle fun with the whole family and unforgettable impressions or get the ultimate kick, a demanding tour, which runs through raging rivers, many gorges and Rapids. Whitewater rafting, not dreaming but experience. Adrenaline for body and mind, they are on their own borders discover that overcome overpowering nature, are challenge and rely on their riders. Consistently pay attention to their safety, and follow the instructions of its leader, boot, just so it will be an unforgettable experience for them and stay.