International Internet Guide For BBs Housing

On the German market, the international Internet Guide for BBs has come home came running in five countries international Internet Guide for BBs living on the German market. The portal under the name will deliver the news from the construction sector, good advice on the subject of building and renovating, as well as information about more than 30 thousand German companies from the construction sector. Its activity started in 1999 in Lithuania the Internet Guide to construction and housing in 2006, the portal has continued its development in other countries. Today it is the leading portal in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. More rapid expansion took place in the markets of Britain and Russia. Every month the portal is visited by over 300 thousand interested parties, it is supplied the information about more than 500 thousand companies.

Most visitors are attracted by free interesting advice articles. Over the eight years of our activity has over 1000 items released. The most interesting articles are published also in German. The companies will have the opportunity present their information in addition to the published material as contextual advertising. According to the commercial Director of the company leading this portal Mr Hermis Preik tas the German market for us is a big challenge.

There are already similar Internet portals. We hope however more interest to wake up, because we offer international news and services from many countries around the world, also it will be appealing for the company because of the convenient placement of contextual advertising. Due to rapid growth and remarkable rising consumption, Germany is very appealing as building materials and services market. The portal should be interesting also for German construction company and serve as a springboard into other markets. As the Internet has become the Hauptsuchquelle of the information, the importance of such portals as is growing at the same time.