Kids and Boundaries

I take care of children from 5 years and one of the biggest complaints of its parents when they arrive at my doctor’s office is related the lack of limits to its children. I developed here some ways to impose limits for the children. Important to leave clearly that it does not exist only these ways to educate, therefore it will also depend on the complaints related to the child. It is during the time that if finds the best ways in accordance with to educate the characteristics of each child. It does not allow that the child only makes what it to want.

Quando/se to happen demonstrates it error to it, if lowering its height ahead, asking for so that it looks in its eyes and talks on its error. If necessary, it talks with it that if to continue acting wrong, will not have what it desires during a stipulated time (toy, stroll). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rio- Tinto Group. Either firm during its decision. When it will be necessary to say ‘ ‘ no’ ‘ , always she says the reason of the reply. If the child to disobey (to fight, to attack), she demonstrates to its error and the importance of it to ask for to excuses who it to offend. Important that it has asked for excuses and that says the reason of its excuse. Exactly se/quando not to approve the opinion of the child, it hears until the end its speaks stops later giving its opinion.

She has never beaten in the child, therefore it will learn that to beat she is normal and she will be able to act in the same way with other children and when will be adult also will be able to act in the same way. She does not judge its children. The parents can judge the attitudes of the children, but not them children, therefore all child erra and the error is natural for its development. How much auto-they esteem of the child, is important that it is praised when to deserve (by any reason), praising, abranando. She speaks of its feelings for it for it. She does not make comparisons between it and other children for it. To ask as it was the day for the child, as: what it happened of good and if happened something that it did not like. When possible, it participates of the tricks with the child, therefore also it is a way of the child if to communicate to express its emotions for the family. Important to leave clearly that she has cases that the child needs psychological accompaniment and that some factors can contribute for definitive behaviors of the child as: genetic factors; ambient factors, including desestrutura familiar; to be violence victims; to testify violence; children with TDAH (Upheaval of attention deficit/hiperatividade), among others reasons.