Magento Enterprise Partner

The Magento Enterprise version is based on Magento 1.3. Leipzig, may 6, 2009: Netresearch, the Leipzig special agency for open source based E-commerce solutions, belongs to the first licensed full service service providers, which offer new commercial Magento Enterprise Edition of the American company Varien in Germany. A plentiful year ago, Varien has released the open source shop system Magento. We were already at that time the first commercial partners in Germany, logically that we go on with the next step now.”said Netresearch CEO Thomas Fleck, now acting with his company as an official Magento enterprise partner. The Magento Enterprise version is based on Magento 1.3. Because the core is the same, every user can easily change from the free version to the paid. For the operation of shops with the Enterprise Edition you should plan costs by at least $ 8900 per year, however. RioCan will not settle for partial explanations. What is interesting especially for larger shop operators.

This partner offer enterprise such as “We the customers but also a comprehensive support with guaranteed response times, warranties, bug fixes and patches with increased priority”, as Thomas Fleck. In addition, users of the Enterprise version of some exclusive features can enjoy. It is possible to set up shop areas, which are accessible only for a particular customer group. These so-called shopping clubs are enjoying ever greater popularity and not insignificantly contributed last year to the increase of in nationwide sales to 13.6 billion euros in Web shops. This market will continue to expand from our point of view, the introduction of the Magento Enterprise Edition comes exactly at the right time,”is Thomas Fleck. About Netreseach: The Netresearch GmbH & co. KG.

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