Marble Surface

The main enemies of marble – it's dust and dirt, soot and rain, which, due to cover the surface of marble with dirty spots and stains. Prevent them from being impossible, especially if the building is located near the road. But do everything possible to prevent deterioration of the marble, it is within our power. If you want to extend the life of your carpet, then you need professional cleaning of carpets. Likewise, the marble – it requires careful attention to his attitude to serve you for a long time. To clean the marble facades of the method of high pressure, or parovodostruyny method. In the high-pressure hot water is generated with steam, which is a the pressure applied to the surface to be cleaned with a small distance. In some cases, if the contamination is too strong on the surface of marble, apply the cleaning agents, which were then washed with hot water.

And in some cases, drugs are added directly into the water, which is then heated in a pressure is applied to the surface of the facade. If the building is too high, then use the scaffolding and platforms – it allows you to clean the entire marble facade. This method of cleaning allows you to completely remove all surface contamination. In the same way by a professional upholstery cleaning – steam with dissolved by means of stains allows you to restore any surface and give it a new kind of neat. In recent years, often to care for marble use demineralized water. Companies Puraqleen, Gardiner and Unger offered everything necessary