New England Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers, current leaders of the AFC North, clashed last Sunday against Cincinnati Bengals and beat them by 23-7 in a game against the Steelers in their Stadium. Pittsburgh is one of the franchises in the NFL that has the largest number of victories in the League. In its register has six Championships in Super Bowl, seven Conference championships, 19 divisional titles and from 1974 until 2008 he has participated 25 times in the playoffs. The less visible moments of the Steelers were the 2003, 2006 and 2009, years in which finished third in the division, in 2005 finished second but managed to get a pass to the playoffs. The purpose of the Steelers for the current season has been to overcome the result of the above, to be at the same level for the years 2007 and 2008, seasons in which the division champions were crowned. The Steelers began a streak of three consecutive wins against Atlanta, Tennessee and Tampa Bay respectively. The fourth week fall 14-17 before Baltimore Ravens and thus are going to rest. On the return Mark other two triumphs, this time the victims were Cleveland and Miami.

Then found with New Orleans and lost 10-20. During the ninth week the first clash of the season between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, is given with the triumph of 27-21 for the first. The Steelers unable to overtake New England Patriots in the ten day and the Pats won 39-26. From the eleventh week the Steelers started a new streak of consecutive wins, against Oakland, Buffalo, Baltimore and the last of them to Cincinnati, respectively. In what refers to Cincinnati, is a team that has not had much presence in the AFC North. Their only outstanding moments in recent seasons occurred in 2005 and 2009, seasons in which they won the division.