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The Thai new year, known as Songkran, is the most important celebration in Thailand. Each year, three days new year parties adopt national character, in some cities in the interior of the country celebrations are extended even up to a week. Water games are the distinctive feature of Songkran. In the Buddhist tradition the water spilled on your hands is an integral part of the ritual of purification, and the Songkran has transformed this solemn blessing in an open water combat.

Water pistols and buckets are the main weapons, and chilled water is often used to increase the impact. After the water still chalk dust explosions. Travelers who visit Thailand during Songkran experience the country in its time of splendor. The traffic in Bangkok is reduced and the streets of Silom and Khao San is they become pedestrian to accommodate music, dance and games. All major shopping malls of Bangkok remain open, but it is common that the smaller restaurants and street stalls closed during the celebrations, which this year will take place between 13 and 15 April. In the city tourist coast of Pattaya, 90 minutes south of Bangkok, the waterfront is filled with festivals and water games and the festivities stretch for a full week.

In Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, Buddhist parades through the town, while people carrying water pistols and buckets transformed the historic moat in a gigantic battle of water. This is a special time to visit Thailand, since locals participate in water games is a unique way to experience Thai culture. Many Thai families out of vacation at this time, so that the hotels fill up quickly and rates may increase. For those who visit the Kingdom during the Thai new year, there are some tips that can enrich the experience.