Olympus PSP

God of War Ghost of Sparta is the next installment in the saga of video game God of War and second in history after the departure of Chains of Olympus PSP. History, located between the first and the second God of War, tells part of the pass of Kratos, and as this must face his memories to become, at last, a God. We have confirmation that Ready at Dawn is the company that has achieved best fruits out of PSP; Ghost of Sparta is a brutality within the catalogue of the portable console: Kratos modeling, even in close-up, it is surprising; the scenarios are large and detailed; (e) you will even need graphic effects like blurring and very basic shaders. But is that even a playable level achieves note throughout the saga; Kratos can now ramming his enemies thanks to a new skill; and we can impregnate with fire swords of chaos with the power of Thera. This, far from being a mere aesthetic detail, will be the only destroy certain enemies armor as well as finish with structures of the scenarios, which adds a new dimension to the gameplay. Why add a duration far beyond Chains of Olympus, and a set of extras that enjoy once finished the game. The result is clear: we are against the best PSP game.

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