Philosophy Today

This question was not taken off of workmanship some of Martin Heidegger and its famous and intriguing and extremely pertinent books, but it is a practical question for, or the best one, for the relevance of the philosophy in days and lives as ours. We have a world where two words gain force extreme and an one disreputation and dangerous anonymity. Let us start for the positive side: nowadays to be to interdisciplinar and cooperative enters disciplines turned standard. We see each time more groups organized around called subjects umbrella as ' ' Democracia' ' we see scientists social politicians, scientists, anthropologists, historians and same philosophers politicians who confluem for democracy versions that arrive until the being a course of after-graduation in appraised Universities of the Europe as of Salamanca and Coimbra. Much is had to say on ' ' Homem' ' , on ' ' Democracia' ' , and on Neuropsicolgicos studies of the man beyond the Universe, however our old philosophy has each time less to say of what effect phrases and some comments questionable and reduced the dangerous macro-narratives when the subject is sciences human beings. In a practical example of the Arab question that took account of the reporters in the year that if passed and continues being notice in this beginning of 2012 did not see many philosophical opinions exactly because many of the questions treated for more repaginadas than are leave the col of the philosophy and are subjects well more social, politicians, economic and religious. He does not have much to say of what invoking theories or concepts that do not explain genocides and crimes against humanity and mandate of human rights or origin of the evil it enters the men who fatally explain little or almost nothing concerning rebellions and attacks planned in countries as Iraq, and the hunger and lack of organization in others.