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Untitled DocumentVoc some time needed to write a number for extensive in Excel? In this AddIn (supplement) I use vba Excel 2003, however you can use VB6 with Excel to pack its personalized function. The first step requires the creation of the routine that will install the supplement: Option Explicit Dim ExtensoInstalado The Boolean Private Sub Workbook_AddinInstall () ExtensoInstalado = True End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Open () nLista Dim The Boolean Dim nAddIn The AddIn Dim nomeArq The String Will be Each nAddIn In AddIns If nAddIn.Name = ThisWorkbook.Name Then nLista = True End If Next If Not ThisWorkbook.IsAddin Then Exit Sub Application.Workbooks.Add If Not ExtensoInstalado Then If nLista Not Then AddIns.Add (ThisWorkbook.FullName) MsgBox ' ' The supplement ' Extenso' &#039 was installed successfully; ' , vbInformation, ' ' Installed supplement ' ' End If nAddIn In AddIns will be Each If nAddIn.Name = ThisWorkbook.Name Then nomeArq = nAddIn.Title End If Next Application.EnableEvents = Falsifies AddIns (nomeArq). Installed = True Application.EnableEvents = True End If End Sub As all the process is sufficient long, the remain of the code can be lowered in this link for analysis: This personalized function will write numbers for extensive until the house of the trillions of Reals.