Proximal Development

Through this method, she looked for to identify its potentialities and to use them in estruturao of the process education/learning It suggested that the daily ones were left in a closet if they wanted that the same one knew its histories, moved that it to each reading. Teacher G as was called for the pupils indicated the reading of different workmanships on crucial conflicts of the humanity, as she celebrates it book ' ' The Daily one of Anne Frank' ' , in elapsing of the reading the respect and autoconfiana are rescued, a new reality start to unclasp, as it points Pablo Freire in its obra' ' Pedagogia of the Oprimido' ' , the pupils leave the marginality, the condition of oppressed and start to live possibilities never imagined by them. They start to fight for its ideals, being conquered its proper space, its social inclusion, facing the obstacles, not with violence more with wisdom, of heterogeneous form inside of paradigms established from the actions carried through collectively. The difficulties faced for the Gruwell teacher do not differ from the lived ones in the Brazilian schools, many professors try to develop one differentiated work and many times are hindered for do not find support, others for not compactuarem with the ideologies of the educational system, becoming a solitary educator. As well as in the Andragogia, education of adult, the Gruwell teacher constructed its resume in function of the necessities of the group, in the situations specifies where they were involved. ' ' The zone of proximal development can increase of accented form the efficiency and the utility of the application of disgnostic methods of the mental development the problems educacionais' ' (Vygotsky, p.114) ' ' The notion of Zone of Proximal Development enables us to consider it a new formula, of that the good learning is only that one that if advances to desenvolvimento' ' (Vygotsky, p.117), from the moment that the teacher applied a new formula and despertou in the pupils interest to learn the interaction happened and the mental development started to be used of beneficial form for resolution of educational problems.