Saxon Prime Minister

State pension system requires individual wealth accumulation against poverty in old age Berlin at the end of its possibilities of experts at the ICC Berlin – pension lies in the hands of each individual, and no longer under the responsibility of the State. Leading German pension and financial experts at the first Berlin Congress ‘Think of your future’ of the Cottbus financial services firm AFA AG moved this sobering balance The keynote speaker for the event, on the turned around 5,000 guests at the Berlin ICC free information end of may, were the long-standing Saxon Prime Minister and mentor Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf, Dr. Friedhelm Busch, financier of the news channel n-tv and top trainer Bernd W. Klockner. The moderation had ZDF WISO moderator Michael Opoczynski.

The reality, not the policy forces a rethink\”so Biedenkopf. 2029 the 60 up 65 years will maintain the 90th. That’s why we need to take our future into consideration and do not afraid of you or forcing future generations to loads assume, that her parents were unwilling to bear. \”The Government can not solve the problem that we are now discussing the private wealth management is the solution!\” So was the conclusion at the end of each lecture: Act now! Because time is money, which proved the Bernd W. Klockner calculation examples.

Bad money habits immediately drop, sit down and prepare to later not with 400 to 500 EUR pension must come out\”, warned the possibility thinker\”, which advocates, money lessons in schools to introduce. Savings would have to be always also the abandonment of consumption but not to treat yourself to a little pot of fun money. \”Bernd W. Klockner: find people as consultants, who are not nice to you on the subject of finances, but telling the truth!