As the navel, the respiratory center leads us to be the path of C analizacion of inner peace. Anthropomorphic metaphors focus on the number seven: earth equate soft with the soft body parts and stones to bones, the water of rivers, lakes and seas with the blood and the air with our breath, the moon with the diaphragm, the solar heat in the bowels, the heat of the stars (caused by the sun) with the heat under the skin and the cold sky with human skin. Since there is a complete correspondence between the C and C OSMOS uerpo of man, the doctor can only be cured if one focuses simultaneously on both sides of the same unit. Similarly all organs of the human body, heart, liver, lungs, including blood and bile, are corresponded astral. The so-called magic anatomy in relation to astronomy magic, ie astrology. Each body is governed by a planet or other celestial body. In this view astrological predictions are based. Would be as follows: The correspond Solle the heart, stomach Laluna, Mercury will be for the respiratory system, Venus the female beauty, Mars, the muscular system, intestine and liver Jupiter, Saturn skeletal system, the sympathetic nervous system, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto nervous system representative inmunologico.Aunque system is well known that the world survives the popular concept flesh and blood to identify with the animal kingdom, hair and nails with the plant kingdom and bones with the mineral kingdom.

You may ask probably missed, yQue possible connection is the C C uadratura irculo, with the navel is understood as a principle or C enter everything and both with the coaching? For example one of the connections is that many times in the coaching intend to find a panacea to problems that have no solution to this Squaring the Circle square is not feasible because it is not practically possible, including even with the compass, algebra, support or assistance of a good coach are no magic recipes. If, however, can provide support for the person find his navel, he has not been able to see where is by himself, and thus find its axis and without any problems finding great recipes to everyday materials, instead if being able to self regulate through breathing and self-knowledge of vital points or center. Everything in life is connected, maybe you can not find the C uadratura your circle, however you know where your navel, the center of your life, know so much better and be able not only to breathe a tempo to your life. But what will be the C enter for your life, not utopian but quadratures find something so close and necessary as your navel, your vital center. What is needed to find the Squaring the Circle when it is interesting to know how to find the center of our essence. Coaching Cross 137 Petal:).